Contemporary Circus Festival in a Circus Tent
in cooperation with 57th Bitef
September 21 – October 7, 2023
Silosi Beograd, entrance from Luka Beograd

The regional traveling contemporary circus festival CirkoБalkana will have its eleventh edition in a circus tent set up next to Silosi Beograd. We are embarking on the second decade with an undiminished desire to promote contemporary circus and its importance in the region not just as an art form but also as a powerful means of social involvement, owing to the authentic and innovative performance vocabulary resulting from its transdisciplinarity. This year’s festival program brings together artists from Spain, Syria, France, Mexico, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia and Serbia, whose performances focus on global issues, not offering answers and solutions, but rather wisely raising questions that prompt thinking. 

A flying trapeze of the circus school Turbul from Nimes will also be set up next to the tents, providing both professionals and amateurs with a unique opportunity to try themselves out in this discipline.

 The main program will be accompanied by a wide variety of side events such as workshops, concerts, projections and many other activities.

 The festival is run in partnership with the Bitef Festival and the French Institute in Belgrade, with logistic support provided by the Silosi Beograd, GAIA Movement and Luka Beograd.

 It is financially supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia, City of Belgrade, Teatroskop – a program initiated by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, French Ministry of Culture, and Institut français Paris,Italian Institute in Belgrade, Croatian Ministry of Culture and the Erasmus+ program.

Organizers: Cirkusfera (Bg) and Cirkorama (Zg)


Thursday, September 21, 20:00


40–60 (Serbia/Slovenia)

Coproduction: Cirkusfera and Gledališče Ana Monro / AnàSfera
Authors and performers: Milan Manić, GoraždOsojnik
Discipline: equilibrium acrobatics, street theater
Duration: 45’
All ages event
Ticket price: RSD 800

Friday, September 22, 20:00


Author and performer: Amer Kabbani
Discipline: acrobatics, object manipulation
Duration: 50’
For ages 12+
Ticket price: RSD 1,200

Saturday, September 23, 20:00

OFFERING (France/Mexico)

Cie Circo Nagual
Author and performer: Jabber Daniel Bonfil
Discipline: vertical rope
Duration: 50’
All ages event
Ticket price: RSD 1,200

Sunday, September 24 – CANCELED

Friday, September 29, 19:00

TO (BE)ECH (France)

Performers: FnicoFeldmann, ItamarGlucksmann
Directed by: Benjamin De Matteïs
Discipline: acrobatics, partner acrobatics, balancing
Duration: 30’
All ages event
Ticket price: RSD 1,200


RO und ROsenkurz

Musical and stage spectacle “Ro und Rosenkurz”

Suterday, September 30.09. 20:00

Noć istraživača

The fourteenth European night of researchers is already around the corner. During two days, September 29 and 30, from 4 to 10 p.m. in 22 cities across Serbia, science will shine its light on streets, parks, squares, shopping centers and other public places.

The search for the Circus


Circus laboratory

16-17h  Acro balance

18-19h  Aerial acrobatics

18:30-19-30h  Balancing and tightrope walking


 “Gladni naučnici” – Hungry scientists – concert

Sunday, October 1, 20:00


Performers: multiple
Discipline: various
Duration: unknown
All ages event
Free entrance, donations are welcome.

Wednesday, October 4, 19:00


WAYS OF BEING (Serbia/Slovenia)

Coproduction: Cirkusfera, MismoNismo and Tri groša
Authors and performers: Danka Sekulović and TjažJuvan
Directed by: Ana Pinter
Discipline: partner acrobatics and juggling
Duration: 45’
All ages event
Ticket price: RSD 800

Thursday, October 5 & Friday, October 6

2984 (Italy)

Cie MagdaClan circo
Author and performer: Alessandro Maida
Discipline: object manipulation, balancing, dance
Duration: 65’
For ages: 12+
Ticket price: RSD 1,500 for two performances

GRETEL (Italy)

Cie Quattrox4
Author and performer: Clara Storti
Discipline: vertical rope
Duration: 45’
For ages: 5+
Ticket price: RSD 1,500 for two performances

Saturday, October 7, 20:00


Cie One Two Many
Discipline: acrobatics, slack rope, vertical rope
Duration: 60’
For ages: 5+
Ticket price: RSD 1,500


Auf Wiedersehen

Auf Wiedersehen is a Belgrade electro rock’n’roll, rave’n’roll or electro-no-wave-disco punk band created in 2010 under the influence of various genres