Cie One Two Many

Discipline: acrobatics, slack rope, vertical rope

Duration: 60’

For ages: 5+

Ticket price: RSD 1,500

Restlesslegs is an exploration of this painful, electrical, creeping, itching, crawling, or numb sensation that ultimately stops you from finding rest. The primary inspiration for the project were Sophie’s restless legs, not just metaphorically but as an actual medical condition. The inspiration transformed into a contemporary circus performance in which the artists communicate restlessness. It exists both in our bodies and in our societies as conditions we are mostly helpless to change. Yet we are confronted with them regularly and we continuously struggle to cope.

Moreover the condition of restless legs describes the situation of artists in Hungary very well: they have a strong urge to create, to participate, but their hands are tied and resources limited. They constantly feel that there is no way out, that they are stuck in a state of constant struggle. Yet they still create and move forward…

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