GRETEL (Italy)

Cie Quattrox4

Author and performer: Clara Storti

Discipline: vertical rope

Duration: 45’

For ages: 5+

Ticket price: RSD 1,500 for two performances

Blank scene. A Square, several little objects, two cute and silent housemates. Gretel goes back and forth in her tiny house made of crazy little things. She is mindless and rigorous, chaotic and still very careful in making everything stick to her bizarre logic. Everything is out of range and out of place. Then, suddenly, the catastrophe happens.

What is home? Who are we? Through the immediacy of the fairytale, Gretel walks alone along the paths of existence. It is a joyful hymn to obstinacy and perseverance, a celebration of migration and the need for re-inventing oneself when everything collapses. A light and deep investigation on the meaning of staying and leaving through powerful images of circus. 

Solo But Not Alone is an international project which aims to strengthen and better position Italian circus artists and authors abroad, this way better positioning Italy itself as a relevant player for contemporary circus production and promotion. 

The project involves: Quattrox4 (Milan), Circo all’inCirca (Udine), Dinamico Festival (Reggio Emilia), MagdaClan circo (Turin), Trengo Festival/Erva Daninha (Porto), INAC (Cupula Festival), Vila Nova de Famalicao (Vila Nova de Gaia), Berlin Circus Festival (Berlin), Cirqueon (Prague), Cirkorama (Zagreb) and Cirkusfera (Belgrade).

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