2984 (Italy) 

Cie MagdaClan circo

Author and performer: Alessandro Maida

Discipline: object manipulation, balancing, dance

Duration: 65’

For ages: 12+

Ticket price: RSD 1,500 for two performances

Hot winds lash and erode a planet reduced to a rocky desert, only the falling of stones and the shattering of rocks resonate in the silence. One being, perhaps the last of the human race, survives through a special symbiosis with stones, sand and boulders. This nomadic soul wanders in search of treasures with which to share the present, of fossils as evidence of a past he does not know. 2984 is the point of convergence of languages and poetics, such as manipulation, dance, narrative, balancing and theatre, carefully dosed to chart a course that, with gentle irony, leads us to a serene acceptance of the end of the world. 

Solo But Not Alone is an international project which aims to strengthen and better position Italian circus artists and authors abroad, this way better positioning Italy itself as a relevant player for contemporary circus production and promotion. 

The project involves: Quattrox4 (Milan), Circo all’inCirca (Udine), Dinamico Festival (Reggio Emilia), MagdaClan circo (Turin), Trengo Festival/Erva Daninha (Porto), INAC (Cupula Festival), Vila Nova de Famalicao (Vila Nova de Gaia), Berlin Circus Festival (Berlin), Cirqueon (Prague), Cirkorama (Zagreb) and Cirkusfera (Belgrade).

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