TO (BE)ECH (France)


Performers: FnicoFeldmann, ItamarGlucksmann

Directed by: Benjamin De Matteïs

Discipline: acrobatics, partner acrobatics, balancing

Duration: 30’

All ages event

Ticket price: RSD 1,200

Even though there are two acrobats on the stage, this creation was thought of as a quartet.They share their listening and their benevolence with this beech tree, this counterpart, another representative of the living, but also with the audience that will be invited to touch, climb and carry this fragile beech tree. This is a story about their way of resisting chaos, of climbing to the heights while anchoring themselves in solid ground, of our fragility in a cosmos that is beyond us. These three beings on stage accompany us in a philosophical reverie on the relationship of Man to the living world, through a metaphor of humanity – a wisp of straw in the flow of the elements. 

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