Hand to hand & partnering workshop with Henri

Hand to hand & partnering workshop with Henri (Laden Classe, IT)

18th to 20th of September 2018.

3 hours daily

Inside the workshop we will investigate, through forms of physical activities and games, the trust and the listening of the partner, the use of the non verbal communication  to start to "to converse" with the bodies.

From the technical point of view we will discover and improve elements of handstand, dynamic movements and static figures taken from the acroportes and the acrobalance. Parallel we will analyze a commission of dance, improvisation and bodily listening, that it will go to integrate with the technique, in the intent to leave a common dictionary and a baggage to the participants proper of movements, to be able to integrate in their own performances.

We will work on static and dynamic duo elements with mainly a standing base. We will do mounts and dismounts to and from hand to hand and foot to hand.

You will always work in couple; the activities are opened to working couples or to single participant that will be matched at the moment. Activities will be contemplated in base to the physical characteristics  and the demands of the participants.

Kotization:  6000rsd

You can apply on: cirkobalkana@gmail.com, latest until 5th of September 2018. with subject: H2H

In application write your name and surname, how experienced are you and your phone number.

Enrico Formaggi

His interest in the circus arts dates back to 2009 when he started his training studying physical theatre, juggling and clowning. In 2010 he enrolled in the Galante Garrone School in Bologna. In 2012, Enrico took part in the Circo-Art project at Rome’s Tendastrisce theatre.
From 2012 to 2014, he attended the FLIC circus school specialising in hand-to-hand. Since 2013 he has worked with the Tandem Flop duo adopting the pseudonym Henri Camembert for his performances and shows. Enrico joined the Laden Classe project in 2015.

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