Solano Barbal (Spain): EpiZentro, performance

Wednesday 8th of May

door: 18:30 / begginig: 19:00

location: CirkoBalkana tent

Solano Barbal (Spain): EpiZentro, performance

On a small planet called Chiron, a  knight is living in the solitude of the castle forgotten in time. By accompanying android Ypsilon, his friend or extension, they travel in circular movements, reconstructing and thus creating fragments of their unusual lives.

EPIZENTRO honors old relationships, friendship, commitment, but also our most vulnerable solitude, and the thin line that separates madness from common sense.

This is a multidisciplinary show of contemporary circus that combines several disciplines, such as acrobatic bicycles, dance, manipulation of objects, puppets and music.

idea and interpretation: Alberto Solano Barrera – Solano Barbal

external associate for choreography: Anne Morin

external associate for dramaturgy: Pau Portabella

original music: Mauro Paganini

marionette manipulation: Roberto White

making a puppet: El Dorado

costume: Frederick Rifi, Margo Baucollin

technician of light and sound: Nikita Val

administration: La Bonita, SCCL (cooperative artist)

production: Elclimamola

tickets prize: 40 kn

Booking reservations at:

People in retirement, students, high school students, unemployed – have a 50% discount on tickets, with an social status card.

Families (parents + 1 or more children) are entitled to one free ticket. Organizational groups, if they wish to make a discount, should contact:


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