Cyr Wheel workshop with Leonardo Cristiani (Laden Classe, IT)

Cyr Wheel workshop with Leonardo Cristiani (Laden Classe, IT)

Level: Basic / Intermediate


  • the basis of the Cyr ring and the basic movements / understand the physics of the wheel
  • 2 Basis of spinning: Spin and walts
  • manipulations of the wheel in one or two people
  • intermediate patterns: cartwheels, coins and variations
  • study of the body positions inside the wheel, study of the weight and the forces applying on spinning. Study of the “spinning points”.
  • walts: how to improve spinning, and work on the rhythm.
  • basics of movements research with the wheel, basic of improvisation.

Cotization: 6000 rsd

You can apply on:, latest until 5th September 2018. With subject: Cyr Wheel workshops

In application write your name and surname, how experienced are you and your phone number.

Leonardo Cristiani

At 14 he started to perform as a street artist. In the last decade he has taken part in a number of contemporary circus training projects including: “FAAAC” in France and Poland and the “FLIC” Circus School in Turin, Italy. From 2008 to 2009, Leonardo was part of the “Jonglorsion” project (Butoh dance and juggling) run by Jean Daniel Fricker. In addition to the “Laden Classe” collective, he currently works with Emilia Taurisano’s “Tau” company (antipodism), and “La Sbrindola” street theatre company.

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