Tatjana Vuletić and Tribor Grujić (HR): O

We create the past through every moment. In the moment, we create with the aid of the past. Fighting with time and with ourselves.

Authors: Tatjana Vuletić, Tibor Grujić

Tatjana Vuletić

She has been an acting member of Cirkultura (ex Razbibriga) since 2011, where she’s been a part of numerous street performances, Fire shows, various Open Stage and Gala Show acts, ... She is the organizer of the CHC (Croatian Hula-hoop convention) and the THE Festival. She has also been active in self-education by attending various circus arts workshops which fuel her creative expressions and drive her in the creation of her prop-based art.

Tibor Grujić

Scenographer and restoration graduate by trade, he’s been also dabbling in various arts ever since he was little. He plays the piano, clarinet, guitar and bass. His free time is occupied by drawing, painting, photography, scenography and calligraphy.

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