A circus cabaret collage for all ages and orientations! A story about a group of people who are destined to go through life through countless simultaneous roles of cleaners/performers/coatroom attendants/entertainers/musicians/technicians, all of which outline the characters’ sub-textual relations and drive them towards unexpected situations. During the performance, a series of existential questions arise: Why does one yell at the other while they’re sweeping?  Who shall get the desired spot at the beach?  Does the glass hold a delicious cocktail or last year’s mop water? Who’s the strongest, and what does it mean for him or her? Who will perform in the next act, one way or the other?  Who will drop a cone first? What will give first: a mandolin string or a yellow pump’s heel? What will we eat tomorrow? And many others...

Truly an event which brings on that unmistakable a-night-at-the-circus feel that won’t be forgotten any time soon 🙂 In this performance you’ll have the opportunity to see the cross-section of classic circus acts performed in a hilariously all-but-classic way: from juggling and various manipulations, to aerial and partner acrobatics, all of that made even finer by discreet interactions, tasteful improvisation and very live music.

Performed by the Cirkobalkana team: Vladana Manić, Jadranka Žinić Mijatović, Domagoj Šoić, Milan Manić, Nikola Mijatović

Music: Sedina Cerovac, Bruno Motik, Miroslav Cerovac

For all kinds and ages

Duration: 50 to 70 min


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