Ah, com’è bello l’Uomo

Compagnia Zenhir (It): AH, COM’E BELLO l’UOMO

A man and a woman experience the evolution of humans in in the last few centuries/years/days. Their travel from “homo primaris”, naked and pure, to “homo superlativis”, a slave to technology, is a play colored by the circus. The third character, all-knowing and cynical, is entertained by the situation: like a cosmic director, he doles out gifts and incites change.

A “History of history” is played out in front of the audience. Two humans, surrounded by actual context, do all they can to communicate with one another. Sociology? Psychology? Criticism? A question of viewpoint, safe initiative.

Two plus one, a dangerous trio, who, entertaining themselves through their unawareness, unconsciously move into a world which runs faster than they can keep up.

"Our goal is to present a gentle and immature view on communication, which has changed so drastically just in the past two or three generations. The show enthusiastically explores the various ways of communication and connection through the use of smartphones (and its’ derivatives),But, our intentions aren’t to judge but to be honest, as we’re trying to give an honest view of this new world, as, after all, there’s no getting away from it." Duration: 60 min Ages: 11+

Performers: Elena Bosco, Giulio Lanfranco, Flavio Cortese
Assistant to the direction and dramaturgy: Albin Warette
Photography: Stefano Scheda, Marco Dellabianca, Clara Storti, Natalia Bavar, Irene Pepe, Bartolomeo Rossi

Kompanija Zenhir

The Company was founded in 2013 by Giulio Lanfranco and Elena Bosco from the MagdaClan Company. The goal of Zenhir is to broaden the scope of contemporary circus in Italy through shows and workshops, and to promote the clearly-defined Italian Circus Style abroad. The name Zenhir comes from the joining of Zenith and Nadir.Giulio on the ladders is looking for a course, while Elena seeks an alternate course perpendicularly.A fusion happens and the meeting place, Azimuth, is represented by Flavio.

Circus techniques and tools used:  ladder, hand to hand, verticals, acrobatics and dance- are the disciplines which Giulio Lanfranco and Elena Bosco have specialized in. This duo has taken each of these disciplines and deformed it so to mix with the others. The Company is made up of Elena Bosco, Libra and circus artist, Giulio Lanfranco, Leo and circus artist, Flavio "Enzo" Cortese, Gemini, technician and various other stuff too, Albin Warette, Libra and director. http://zenhir.com/

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