April feat – 24. April BITEF theater


Company:  OLGA_cirqAnalogique  / Spain-France 
Discipline: trapeze /  juggling /  analog music live
Age 10+  /  Duration 40’
Concept and performed by: Catalina Aguajo  and Alejandro Dutra

The authors research the issue of identity and self experience of the millennial generation using juggling, aerial acrobatics on the trapeze, dance and music created on stage by themselves. The Long Game is a visual and acoustic underworld hidden behind the mask of the every day life, a portal for escape which our dreams and fears linger through. A millennial temple to celebrate a mistake in, and open the space of human fragility. Wires, software, high heel shoes and a beard. Bodies exert in a game of light and sound, political speeches, mobile phones and pop icons. In the eve of the apocalypse, The Long Game simultaneously honors and criticizes the new millennium generation. 

OlGA was founded in Toulouse in 2017 after finishing the final year of the circus artistic center Lido. Working individually on her creations, Katalina explores trapeze with the goal of deconstructing gender, while Alejandro uses juggling and music and the study of sound. The Long Game connects these intertwining concepts.  


Hugo Bergman, Sweden
Discipline: Cyr Wheel
Duration: 30’
Age: 13+

The title of the project ’Between me and a hard place’ comes from an English expression (“between a rock and a hard place”) that means to be stuck in a dilemma. It also describes a ‘hard’ place, a difficult place. The show is a tribute to nature in its primitive form. Hugo Bergman leads us through a raw, cold and timeless world, exploring the “sensation of nature” and the solitude, helplessness, nakedness it carries. Through his artistic vocabulary, inspired by simple and small things, Hugo Bergman shares on stage his personal perspective of contemporary circus.

Hugo Bergman is a self taught circus artist who spent a couple of months at DOCH (Dance and circus school) in Stockholm, as part of the “Artistic development” program in 2018, where he started working on this performance. The premiere is expected during the summer of 2021. 

The performances are supported by Circusnext platform.

The Circusnext platform is a project for development and promotion of contemporary circus. It has been designed as a platform of European cultural organizations in the field of contemporary circus with the goal of recognizing perspective and innovative circus authors and offering financial, residential, mentor and administrative support in productions, for increasing visibility of young art companies and individuals and securing the future in work

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