Opening 10th at 19:oo

10-14.11. KC Magacin / Ostavinska galerija – Kraljevića Marka 4-8
Idea and exhibition concept : Ratko Bokić i Nikola Mijatović / Cirkorama / Zagreb

The Emotional Coinage exhibition is designed as a display of coin collections owned by artists involved in art on the street stage (circus, street art, street theater, music..). These artists get paid by placing an empty hat as bank account to be filled by audience on their own free will. These hats often gather different things the artists do not hope for, and among them one can find coins from different countries, expired coins, coins from countries that no longer exist, coins without any value, apart from the emotional one.
We are taught to collect and not to waste money. Artists with several years behind them on the streets have a certain amount of worthless coins held in bags, jars, paper wraps, match boxes…Some of them keep all the coins that were gathered throughout the years, some keep coins that remind them of a certain city, street or an unforgettable summer. These coins, along with stories that go along them are the prime artifacts of this exhibition representing the absolute material worthlessness of money and puts the artist’s emotion into the main focus.
The festival program will be held according with measures for preventing the epidemic of COVID 19.

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