Ludifiko / Serbia
free program for all ages / duration 35’
Discipline: juggling with fire
Concept and performed by: Mira Beba Dobrković / Tanja Milanović / Aleksandra Kolčanova
Consultant: Nikola Zavišić
Music: Ilija Rudović (Rudhaman) / Milojko Jarić (Tebra) / Nikola Tintor (Tinik)
Video: Daniel Stavro Girizd / Nikola Zavišić
Costume: Aleksandra Kolčanova / Đorđe Kolarski
Design: Dragomir Vukanović
Lyric support: Panonski brodolomac (Panonian shipwrecker)
Light, sound: Vladislav Janjić

An open invitation to the Open Stage in Ljubljana!

An open invitation to the Cirkobalkana  Open Stage! We cordially invite all performance artists and circus workers to enter their: Skit, joke, illusion, attempt at performance, improvisation, saltomortale, pyromantic or pyrotechnic endeavor, sketch, gag, trick, artistic spasm and all other performative quips into the OPEN STAGE which will be held inside and around our circus tent. If you have a finished creation, or you’re just working on something and want feedback (are you about to reap what you have proverbially sown), or if you have a burning desire to bring…