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CircusNext PlaTFoRM

-program of support for young circus artists-

“CircusNext PLaTFoRM” is a project for the development and promotion of a contemporary circus in Europe. It is designed as a platform for European cultural organizations in the field of contemporary circus art, with the aim of recognizing perspective and innovative circus authors, providing financial, residential, mentoring and administrative support in producing plays and increasing the visibility of young, unrepresented artists and groups in front of European professionals in order to secure future work in.

The project “Jeunes Talent Cirque”  was created in 2001-2002. on the occasion of the year of circus art under the sponsorship of the French Ministry of Culture. This innovative project was aimed at identifying young contemporary circus artists and supporting their emergence and development through grants and residences. In 2007, the organization “Jeunes Talent Cirque Europe” was established, which was fully dedicated to the implementation of the network of European partners, and in 2012-2013. changed the name to “CircusNext”.

Over the years, “CircusNext” has become a key platform for the development of a contemporary circus in Europe, as well as for recognizing the circus as an art form. Through the platform programs, seven generations of artists have been supported since 2001, with a total of 78 art groups from Europe, some of which have grown into the true stars of the contemporary circus scene.

The “CircusNext” platform is made up of 18 organizations from 12 countries, the Parisian organization “Jeunes Talent Cirque Europe” is a coordinator, and the Cirkusfera is one of the partners.

The new support scheme, which has been open to artists from all over Europe this year, and the involvement of partners from several countries including the Cirkusfera from Belgrade, is a great benefit for the development of the Serbian scene of the contemporary circus. At the competition for the Ex Yu region, 11 organizations and artists from Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia applied, of which 4 projects had to be selected, which will be presented in front of the European Jury of CircusNext at the end of February 2018. Thus, the regional partners – Cirkorama from Zaagreb, (HR), ROOM 100 from Split (HR) and Cirkusfera from Belgrade was selected: MismoNismo (SLO): Noise circus, malinada collective (SRB/HR): (UN) connected, Dora Popić / Antonia Vuletić / Antea Marinović / Mišo Komenda (HR): Body, sound and  light and Nemanja Jovanović ( SRB): La Vraire Princesse.

At the pre-selection CircusNext meeting, held in Paris from February 27th to March 1st 2018, the jury composed of representatives of partner organizations selected 12 European contemporary circus artists for future support within the project.

Among the 31 performances selected by the members of CircusNext PlaTFoRM, the following artists were selected: Amir and Hemda – Zoog (France), Andrea Salustri – Polystyrene Research (Germany), Collectif Rafale – Sanctuaire Sauvage (Belgium), Compagnie la Geste – Is not peux pas mourir. Mais qui peut vivre en pleine lumière crue? (France), Eliška Brtnická / Circus Mlejn – Opticon (Czech Republic), Familiar Faces – Surface (Netherlands), Grensgeval – murmur. (Belgium), Jeanine Ebnöther Trott & Ana Jordao – Décorps d’intérieur (Switzerland), Laura Murphy – Contra (United Kingdom), Mismo Nismo – NOise Circus (Slovenia), Monki Business – Static (Netherlands) and Joel Marti & Pablo Molina – Random (Spain).

From March to June 2018, pre-selected artists received residential support from members of the platform to prepare the performance material for the selection week that took place from May 29-31. in the Belgian city of Neerpelt.

On the selection week, a seven-member expert jury made up of renowned contemporary circus professionals selected 6 laureates on the basis of twenty-minute performance material and interviews: Joel Marti & Pablo Molina – Random (ESP), Laura Murphy – Contra (UK), Familiar Faces – Surface (NED), Collectif Rafale – Sanctuaire Sauvage (BE), Andrea Salustri – Polystyrene Research (GER) and Mismo Nismo – NOise Circus (SLO).

The project winners receive financial support in the amount of 10,000 euro for the completion of the show, residential support from partner organizations, work-in-progress presentations, mentoring and administrative assistance in producing plays and increasing visibility on the European circus scene.

The final presentation of the performances in May 2019 in Paris concludes laureate support and edition of the 2017-2019 project.

CircusNext PLaTFoRM project is funded by Creative Europe funds, through the sub-program of the platform, in the amount of 500.000,00 €. The project started on November 1, 2017 and ends on October 3, 2021. The project is co-ordinated by the Paris-based organization Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe, and partners in the project are Circuscentrum, Espace Catastrophe (Belgium), Circus Futures (England), Cirqueon (Czech Republic), Sarabanda (Italy), Circo Circolo (Netherlands), Subtopia (Sweden), Circo Finland), Perspectives, STAMP (Germany), Centro Cultural Vila Flor (Portugal), Cirkora, ROOM 100 (Croatia) and Cirkusfera (Serbia).

In the local context, the project is aimed at tackling the problems and obstacles that contemporary circus groups and individuals in Serbia have in their work, such as the lack of continuous and designed co-production, residences and financial support, as well as very low visibility.

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As part of the CircusNext PlaTFoRM and with the help of the French Institute and Teatroskop, Cirkobalkana brings this year one of the most interesting performers on the European circus scene, the French-Israeli group Lazuz with the same name (September 14), as well as the Franco-Belgian group Projecto Precipicio (September 20th) featuring Lugar, both pre-selected in the CircusNext edition of 2015/2016.

In addition to the above mentioned groups, Cirkobalkana will proudly host this year’s laureates, Mismo Nismo from Slovenia, with Eva Zibler, Oton Korosec and Tjaz Juvan, who will present the work in progress of NOise Circus. In addition to the presentation of their previous work, Mismo Nismo will be from September 15-28 at the residency in KC Magacin, Belgrade, organized by Cirkusfera.

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