Periferijanci part 2 or Everything You Never Wanted to Know

CB2 (HR / RS): Periferijanci part 2 or Everything You Never Wanted to Know

Presentation of work in progress in the framework of Subscene

Friday 28.05. 2021 at 19:00

Venue: CirkoBalkana circus tent in the yard of the Pogon Jedinstvo

Age: 5+

Ticket: 30 kn

Buy tickets at:

After the unsuccessful premiere of the first part of The Peripherals, an even more unsuccessful attempt to create the second is on the horizon!

Periphery periphery!

Clear recycling…

»Periferijanci part 2 or Everything You Never Wanted to Know« is a contemporary circus project that emerges from a long process of exploring object manipulation and interrelationships through the prism of theatrical clown technique, a subtle dose of black humour and self-criticism. Artists put their main focus on researching new techniques of manipulating objects, the so-called racketeering (objects and subjects), which seeks to address the sociological phenomenon of belonging to one direction of art. Second-rate, less important, secondary, irrelevant, neglected art of manipulation,

the art of juggling;

the art of living;

the art of survival!

Me and him, him and Me in duel, malice, success and banana.

Let’s push everything under the carpet and transfer the ball to someone else’s yard, nobody knows us anyway!

Authors and performers: Domagoj Šoić and Milan Manić

Production: CirkoBalkana

CB2 is the result of a long-term collaboration between two excellent versatile regional circus artists, Milan Manić and Domagoj Šoić, who share a common passion for objects manipulation. The collaboration has been developed by working on a series of art projects of the CirkoBalkana collective since 2013, and finally, in 2021, it will be formed into a duo called CB2.

As part of the CirkoBalkana collective, they won the award for the most innovative cabaret show at the XII Gumbek Days festival with the play CirkoBalkana Chaos Cabaret.


Since he was 22, he has been developing circus techniques: juggling, riding a unicycle and a giraffe unicycle and a clown.

He lived in Barcelona for two years and during that period he intensively trained in juggling and manipulating objects with various circus groups and individuals in the circus centres there.

He improves his performance skills at the workshops of famous masters of juggling, contemporary dance, improvisation, stage performance and movement, object manipulation, butoh dance and clown such as Alan Blim, Marco Paoletti, Stefan Sing, Juan Gomez-Goma, Miguel Mandalasol, Johan Swarthvager, Salvatore Frasca, Miguel Gigosos Ronda, Lee Delong.

Apart from being a performer, he also works as a circus pedagogue, light designer and artistic advisor on projects of regional circus artists and independent theatre productions as well as technical manager at the CirkoBalkana festival.


Informal education in the field of contemporary circus is acquired through workshops and masterclasses of renowned circus, dance and theatre pedagogues throughout Europe.

From 2006 until today, as a circus artist, he has performed in independent domestic and international productions, as well as in performances of the National Theater in Belgrade, the Boško Buha Theater, the Duško Radović Small Theater and the Bitef Theater. In his fifteen years of work, he has sixteen realized art projects.

In 2013, he became a member of the European network for non-formal education – Drums for peace and works as a circus pedagogue on projects dealing with circus pedagogy for children and youth in several European countries.

One of the founders of the Cirkusfera- Association for the Development of Contemporary Circus and artistic director of the CirkoBalkana Festival in Belgrade.

The Subscene program was financially supported by the City of Zagreb – City Office for Culture, the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, the Kultura Nova Foundation and the National Foundation for Civil Society Development.

CirkoBalkana 9 festival is financially supported by the City Office for Culture of the City of Zagreb, Teatroskop- regional program for performing arts in SE Europe, Creative Europe program of the European Union – through circusnext platform, French Institute, Creative Desk, Kultura nova Foundation, Ministry of Culture and media of the Republic of Croatia through the Cirkorama Program and the SubScena program, and takes place in cooperation with the Zagreb Center for Independent Culture and Youth – POGON, the Auto Cultural Center – ATTACK !, the Močvara Club and the Libraries of the City of Zagreb. The performers’ meals are sponsored by: Annapurna, Vesela Motika, OPG Biomara/Food for Good

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