Juggling concert

Thursday 23.9/ 20:00

Location: Silos Belgrade, Dunavski kej 46 /CirkoБalkana circus tent

Juggling concert

Discipline: juggling

Authorship and performance: Eva Zibler, Oton Korošec, Tjaž Juvan

Production: Mismo Nismо/ Slovenia

Co-production: Zavod Bufeto/Slovenia

Directorial help: Nina Ramšak

Duration:60 minutes

Age: 7+

Entrance: 700rsd

The Juggling Concert project deals with the world of the “millennial” generation and critically places it in the context of the whole socio-cultural and political climate. Feelings of resignation and depression are mixed with positive and prophetical  messages about The Better Future. 

In the current age, the Juggling Concert is one of the most useful and most valuable of products made on our Earth, a true, veritably ours, fruit of the Motherland, lovely and bright. 

Juggling concert is a juggling show with our own original music and lyrics.

It formally relates to the structure and performance of teenage singing groups or bands and transposes them into the framework of a circus or juggling show. However, this girl/boyband has missed their chance for fame.

Mismo Nismo (eng. WeAre WeAren’t) is a new alt-art circus collective based in Slovenia. They are pessimists who want to embrace the uncertainty of the future through experiences of the present. Their aesthetic is raw, experimental and full of flaws. To them Form is an experiment and the Idea is everything.

Eva Zibler – author, performer, singer

Finished L’École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq and bachelor of anthropology and french. She is a core member of the collective since the beginning. Started juggling and performing in High school and since then she collaborated with many underground and ground collectives and productions in Slovenia and abroad. Linguist minimalist, thinking about the ontology of circus.

Oton Korošec – author, performer, Mismo Nismo personified

Studied at the Vertigo Circus School in Turin, specializing in equilibrism. Before, during and after school, he attended many juggling workshops, seminars, intensives and conventions. His first performing steps were made in stage performances at the alternative culture center (Menza pri Koritu) which had a big influence on his later development as an artist. 

Tjaž Juvan – author, performer, music producer

Studied at the Faculty of Education in Ljubljana (graduate social pedagogue; 2016) and the Vertigo Circus School in Turin with a specialization in equilibrism (2015-2017). He studied dance and movement for several years after various seminars and workshops around Europe (some names: Ohad Naharin, Guy Shomroni, Sitha Osthmeier, James Finnemore, Guy Nader, …). In Ljubljana, he began his artistic career during high school in the nethers of Menza pri koritu with monthly antishows Cirkus kabare (2010-2013). He is a core member of the collective Menza pri koritu.

Photo: Sunčan Stone

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