5.6.2022. Sunday at 11:00

CirkoBalkana circus tent/yard of Pogon Jedinstvo and Močvara club

Trnjanski nasip bb

XAMPATITO PATO (ES): SO show (all ages)

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‘So.’ – An obsessive, square and meticulous character..surrounded by an endless number of uncontrolled boxes to play with and shape the world around him.

A delirious universe emerges from chaos..bringing laughter and creating comic madness, transforming into a new being with a new form.

Technique: Object manipulation and theatre

Directed by: Arturo Cobas and Jesús Velasco

Performed by: Jesús Velasco Otero

Set design: Cruz Velasco Pajares and Jesús Velasco

Costume design: Alicia Tojo

Photo: Leticia Marino

Trailer https://youtu.be/RZRNtlhrYFU

About the artist

Xampito began his artistic career at the Circus school ‘Circonove’ in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. From 2013-2015 he continued his studies at ‘Carampa’ in Madrid, perfecting his performance techniques in theatre, dance, acrobatics and juggling, the latter being his speciality. He worked with ‘Pass & Company’, winning ‘Talent Madrid’ and best show at ‘International Festival of Street Arts and Theatre’ in Valladolid.

In recent years he has worked with The Chipolatas, Gandini Juggling, Pistacatro, Circo PRICE Theater, Canal Theatres, The State Circus of Moscow, Le channel Scène Nationale de Calais, Teatro Maria Guerrero and Alfil Theatre.


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