Workshop – Rope

This workshop aims to provide circus artists? with fresh approaches to the technique and vocabulary of the aerial rope. We will work from a dynamic and static technical base to build up tricks, transitions, balances, falls and short phrases. The content will be adapted to each participant’s level with a group work methodology. Level/experience of the participants: A minimum of one year of experience in aerials is required ?

Workshop – Infinite loops

Focus of this workshop is finding new ways to move on the hoop through the principle of creating infinite movement loops. To me, a loop is a phrase connecting a couple of figures that begins and ends in the same position, and it can be repeated continuously with seamless connections. Participants will work on finding their own loops, using their existing individual vocabulary on hoop. Prerequisites include minimum experience and basic knowledge of aerial hoop technique, with the ability to mount the apparatus on your own.


Lenhart Tapes is a project with a reputation of practicing musical voodoo, all because of old tapes and walkmans which are used to play seemingly incompatible genres, to create contextual disharmonies and to marry the so-called kitsch with the self professed avangarde. A reaction is inevitable and results are ever so surprising. 


Just two ordinary guys take you on a thrilling super giant slalom through funk, drum and bass, low rock, electro, ethno.. Yeti’s mini set of electro/acoustic drums is more than enough for unrivaled grooves, while Skier imaginatively uses his hand made inventions Basski and Skitar.


AB RE is a multi-genre band from Belgrade. Its musical expression is a fusion of different styles and influences, where one of the most interesting qualifications goes like this: “Theatrical jazz with a touch of the Balkans motifs”. The band is also interesting for the fact that it has managed to perform at virtually all major festivals – without recording or releasing any studio album for the 20 years of its presence. Still, their first official album was released in 2020, named “More napeto”, and nowadays the band performs their…


SCRATCH MASTER LJUBAN – opens and closes the festival with his musical set. One could say – a red tent’s resident. Those are our options. To avoid his urge for flipping his friends upside down, we let him spin and scratch, and he calms down so we can keep him at a distance. Everyone does great. Those who don’t know him – Ljuban is the master of scratch!

OPEN STAGE – CirkoBalkana 10 Festival Opening – CIRCUS LIVES

CirkoBalkana 10 Festival Opening CIRCUS LIVES OPEN STAGE 20.9.2022. 19:00 CIRCUS LIVES and survives due to boundless enthusiasm of the performers, acrobats, acrocats, balancers, stilt walkers, entertainers, question askers, jugglers, smugglers and the rest of us. That’s why we have decided to dedicate the opening of this tenth festival of live contemporary circus to all of us on an “Open Stage” and possibly with more people on the stage than in the audience. The evening will be filled with air acrobatics, juggling miniatures, stunts and other circus acts. This is…


Saturday 01.10.2022 at 17:00 Tjaž Juvan’s research about the boundary between music and circus performance goes beyond a usual relationship between these two arts (sound as background to a performance or circus as an addition to the music). This is a holistic mixture of identities, approaches, and philosophies of the two worlds – the world of musicians and the world of a circus artists, in which the aspects of both coexist in one performer. The perfect harmony of these two art forms is, naturally, impossible, but the very flaws and…


Saterday 01.10.2022 at 19:00 Four acrobats are facing the outcome of the confrontation. At times, they play against one another, at times, they choose to play together. Their choices will demand sacrifices on the account of their honor. They are chasing goals and accepting defeats. Once again, like countless times before, all eyes are on you. A thought echoes in your mind: how will the challenge turn out this time? Observe. Anticipate. React. Innumerably, but every time different, every time anew. You observe yourself by carrying out the challenge, and…