4.6.2022. Sathurday  at 19:00

CirkoBalkana circus tent /yard of Pogon Jedinstvo and Močvara club

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SOM NOISE (ES): BREACH show (12+)

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A woman and a memory that creates a knot in her uterus. A knot, fruit of the oppression of her pleasure. A knot that ties her hands and pushes her to exercise violence against herself. After externalizing the rage and physically feeling the pain, she begins to forgive and connect with her interior.

Breach is a reflection of the sexist violence exerted on the body of a  woman. 

Breach speaks of violence as a collective and transgenerational memory, perpetrated by a patriarchal system and a Judeo-Christian heritage. A violence that is not singular, direct or isolated; it is rather expressed in a multiplicity of forms and it is represented metaphorically through the rope and through the fight against herself.

Intimate, poetic and visceral.

Through a language of sound and movement, Som Noise invites us to a  space of ambiguity between pleasure and pain, eroticism and violence, submission and empowerment to reach a dialogue about the cases of sexual violence and the system that perpetuates them.

Languages: Aerial rope, live music (electronic drums and soundscapes) and performance (non-newtonian fluid)

Authorship: Vivian Friedrich, Mati Muñoz and Thaïs Julià

Original concept: Thaïs Julià

Performance: Thaïs Julià and Mati Muñoz

Direction and dramaturgy: Vivian Friedrich

Assistant Directors: Marc Vilajuana and Rafa Jagat

Musical creation: Mati Muñoz and Som Noise

Musical assistant: Marc Vilajuana and Bru Ferri

Light design: Gabriela Isadora Bianchi

Stage design: Yaiza Ares

Costume design: Paula Arenas, Aida Almacellas and Clàudia Garcia

Production assistant: LaBonita

Visuals: Manel Buch, Clara Pedrol, Irene Prada, Roger Clachet,

Sabine Greppo and Jordi Plana

Special thanks: Laura Cardona and Nini Gorzerino


About the group

As an emerging company, Som Noise has obtained the recognition of the European project circusnext+ (2019-21), as well as the support program for the creation of La Central del Circ (2019-20), CIRCa (Pitch ArtCena 2020) and Circostrada Network (Pitch Spanish Case 2019). In 2020 it receives the support of the Department of Culture of the Generalitat of Catalonia for the research, creation and production.

Som Noise stands for vibration and a belonging to music and movement. The company was born at the end of 2017 when Mati Muñoz and Thais Julià came together from the connection they found after playing in the same musical quartet. In 2018 Vivian Friedrich joined the team as a dramaturg and director for the creation of Breach, and at the end of 2019 and until 2021 Laura Cardona did so developing production and communication tasks.

The identity of the project lies in the claim of a reflective, poetic and political circus. It is sought an honest language that is narrative and escapes consumerism to preserve its character, understanding art as a praxis of freedom and reconciliation. Co-authoring and teamwork are essential.

During the process of creating Breach, they have made the following programming shows: Berlin Circus Festival, Ateneu 9Barris (Double Circus Session), La Central del Circ (Extended Performance), L’Estruch, Sant Martí Auditorium, Present-Future Festival (Palermo, Sicily) , La Lira Theater (Tremp) and New Church of Gironella (Konvent Cirk).

Co-production: El mercat de les Flors

Administrative and organizational support:

Circusnext + Program (2019-2021)

La Central del Circ, Barcelona – Program of creation support (2020)

Department of Culture of the Generalitat of Catalonia (2020)

ICEC (Catalan Institute of Cultural Firms) (2020)

Convention, Berga – Convention Circus Program (2020)

L’Estruch Creation Support (2021)

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