The Other Side of the Circus

The Other Side of the Circus - documentary

Yoann Bourgeois, Sanja Kosonen, Alexandre Fray, Chloe Moglia, Jorg Muller, Camille Boitel, Tatiana-Mosio Bongonga and Johann Le Guillerm–are eight contemporary circus artists who, through the documentary  “The Other Side of the Circus”, invite us to explore the workings of their everyday life and themselves. These circus artists defy laws of physics and reexplore their own circus skills on a daily basis, creating some of the best contemporary circus shows of today.

The film was made through Program 33 and the cooperation of the director Netty Radvany and the Artcene. Netty Radvanyis herself a contemporary circus artist who graduated from the CNAC Academy in Chalon.

The showing of "The Other Side of the Circus" is made in cooperation of Cirkobalkana and Split’s contemporary circus collective ROOM 100, who have been running the Circus Cinema (previously known as Circus Wednesday) since 2014. Circus Cinema is a series of circus-themed films where the audience can expand their knowledge on the multi-layered complexity of the contemporary circus art and its importance, history and growth, but can also draw inspiration from it if they’re participating in any form of artistic expression.Circus Cinema is made with the financial support of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre and the City of Split. The work of ROOM 100 is supported by the Kultura Nova Foundation.

Title: The Other Side of the Circus
Original title: Cirque Hors-piste
Directors: Netty Radvany, Nicos Argilet
Duration: 53 minutes
Year: 2016
Genre: Documentary
Subtitles: Croatian

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