May 1st/From 11:00 h

This year’s International Workers’ Day is being celebrated actively! Considering we’re in a city with an already-built house of circus, why shouldn’t we express our solidarity towards workers together, hoping we’ll at least achieve the three 8s: 8 hours of work, 8 hours of restand 8 hours of culture!

In these times, underpaid work has become standard, resting is a distant dream of many, and culture is something the worker has no time or opportunity to deal with, sowe invite you to a one-of-a-kind social outing for individuals, groups, families, big and little ones where all are equal.

Everyone can find something for themselves inside and around the Cirkobalkana tent. We’ve set up a series of workshops in cooperation with various Zagreb and Samobor collectives, where you and your children can find quality entertainment mixed with physical activity. To further ease your everyday plight, we’ve got merry DJs along with the Cheap Bordello Pizzeria, and the extraordinary Open Stage from 20:00 h on.

Below you can find more on the Circus-Picnic activities:

Parkour through Circus Workshops for Children

Bring your children so they may try out a series of circus skills through play and socialization, at the risk of them falling in love with the circus and eloping. Acrobatics, aerial skills, juggling, slack line... are some of the disciplines which the children can try out under the watchful eye of Cirkorama’s circus teachers.

We’ve also got a bonus surprise in store !

Aerial Jam

Aerial silk, trapeze- are props waiting for you to master them (if you haven’t already). Afree-form for all interested parties wishing for aerial activities. A place to exchange tips and techniques on figures, climbing styles, drops, somersaults, tugs and heaves.

Acro-Yoga Workshop

ACRO-YOGA is a skill which combines yoga with acrobatics. The individual, introspective and meditative aspects of yoga at first glance seem incompatible with the dynamic, explosive and expressive aspects of acrobatics, but acro-yoga manages to combine them, and the resulting synergy is a highly interactive, fun and valuable experience for all partaking in it. Those that do partake in acro-yoga will have the opportunity to enjoy the company of other participants, through it working on building mutual trust and support.

At the Workshop, we’ll warm up with yoga and partner yoga, and after the middle, acro-yoga portion, we’ll transition to stretching. The participants will be introduced to basic postures, such as the Bird, the Chair, the Leaf and the Throne. No previous experience is necessary, nor is arriving in pairs.

The Workshop is run by Hrvoje Čupić and Sunčana Bartaković, a duo named AcroFunkers.

Hoop Workshop

90 min

Hoop in pairs/groups

Hoop in pairs would be defined as an activity/dance for two or more people with a hoop/multiple hoops

Through the dances we’ll be exploring figures, transitions and prop- and person-contact, in pairs or groups. The Workshop will serve as an exercise in body and movement awareness, as well as an exercise in group communication.

You may, but it’s not obligatory, bring your own hoop, but do bring water and comfortable exercising clothes.

The Workshop is run by Tatjana Vuletić (Cirkultura, Samobor)

Since 2009, Taja has been spending her time in circles/hoops. Throughout the years she has attended a variety of workshops in circus arts through the educational programs of The Laboratory of Circus Arts (Cirkorama), CirkoBalkana platform (Cirkorama, Cirkusfera), Cirkulation (Cirkultura)...  and she uses the knowledge she accrued to create her own approach to using hula-hoop as a medium. She is an active member of the circus foundation Cirkultura:as a performer, teacher of Cirkulation’s educational programs, graphic designer, etc.

She organizes the CHC (Croatian Hula-Hoop Convention) and the THE Festival (Trans Hoop Educational Festival)

There will also be a Slackline Jam, made in cooperation with Slackline Zagreb.

The Cheap Bordello Pizzeria will take care of all the hungries!

Vegetarian/vegan delight for da ppl!! The only pirate pizzeria of the region, once more united with CirkoBalkana, on a mission to satisfy your senses!!!! Culture, performance arts, pizzas, community vibe, answers and criticisms! We invite you to hang with us on May 1st, The International Workers’ Day, the only day when slackers have to work?!?

Open Stage 20:00 h

The Open Stage has been a crucial part of the CIRKOBALKANA project for five years in a row.It’s an evening for anyone in (circus) performance to present their artwork:act, skit, illusion, attempt at performance, improvisation, salto mortale, pyromantic or pyrotechnic endeavor,sketch, gag, trick, artistic spasmand other performance quips.

Very soon more precise information on performance times of workshops and DJs will be leaked to the public. Follow us at, as well as the Cirkobalkana Facebook page.

What if it rains? We won’t melt, that’s what! We’ll find an appropriate alternative and notify all parties interested.

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