Tuesday 27.9.2022. at 19:00

Wednesday 28.9.2022. at 19:00

Feathers is a journey through struggles and sources of solitude. An emotional rollercoaster of a woman who is waiting. Waiting for what? For herself? For all the things she has lost? For a new beginning? It’s a quest for an exit from a mental loop, the concert of a gesture that conveys powerful images. The performance Feathers explores clown language, toying with the poetic and the grotesque, the comic and the subliminal, between the rhythms and the flight of birds. Elena Burani explores the state of waiting, an emotional seesaw between the freedom of “to be” and the fear of not being enough for herself anymore, the fear of not being able to be “without”. This unique celebration of human frailness expresses its full power by performing on the margins of what we consider circus, dance, theater, music. 

Discipline: clowning

Concept: Elena Burani

Performer: Elena Burani

Consultants: Alice Roma and Rocio Espana Rodriguez

Music: Eufemia Mascolo

Running time: 40′

Age range: 6+

Trailer PIUME

Elena Burani finished the Flic circus school in Torino, in 2005 as a rope aerialist. Since then she has been active both as a performer and a choreographer in numerous performances and projects throughout Europe, and is also the founder of  Collettivo 320chili that works on the borderlines between dance, theater, gesture and circus disciplines.

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