Sound and Body


the premiere of a contemporary circus play

Friday, Jun 4 2021 at 19:00,

Circus tent CirkoBalkana in the yard of the Pogon Jedisntvo

age: 6+

Ticket: 60 kn

Buy tickets at:

Performance of a contemporary circus that, through the interaction of movement on the aerial hoop and sound improvisations, speaks of the search for harmony.

A body that moves because of sound, and a sound that changes because of movement together speak of themes of control, domination, spite, cooperation, and coexistence in which neither exists without the other. The soundstage is an improvisation that consists of distorting the sound signal through guitar effects and oscillators. In addition to the guitar, analogue and digital samplers are used in a manner appropriate to the form. Every movement of the body and hoop is illustrated or completely dictated by the music that is created on the spot and directly corresponds to the performance. During each performance, the sound is upgraded and changed, depending on the default parameters of space, time and current environment.

The work on the play took place in the premises of the Circus Kolektiv association, HALA 100 and the Multimedia Cultural Center Split.

Creators / performers: Dora Komenda and Mišo Komenda

Sound author: Mišo Komenda

Co-production: Circus Kolektiv and ROOM 100


Dora Komenda is an architect and circus artist born in 1989 in Split. She spends his childhood in the gym where he first trains and competes, then works with children, takes the judge’s exam and judges competitions. In parallel with her degree at the Faculty of Architecture in 2015, she discovered the circus, and very quickly entered all spheres of activity – teaching, creating programs through the Circus Kolektiv association and his artistic development. Since 2017, she has been the co-host of the Circus Kolektiv residency and distribution program, and with continuous active practice in the architectural profession, she combines the circus with other arts by collaborating with visual artists, animators and musicians.

Mišo Komenda is a designer and musician born in 1982 in Split. He has played and still plays in several renowned Split instrumental ensembles (Lažni brkovi, Leut Magnetik, Discopath, Studio Frendo, ROLO) with which he performs in Croatia and abroad. He has also collaborated on multimedia live projects such as a live track for the silent film “La jetée” at the “-3” club. In collaboration with Karlo Casinotti, he has been professionally designing visual communications since 2011. Mišo is the winner of many awards in the field of graphic design and electronic media design, of which it is necessary to mention a special recognition at the exhibition HDD 0910 (Croatian Society of Designers), Porin award for best CD design, internationally recognized by the Institute of Information Design in Vienna for the signalization project at the Fortress of St. Mihovil in Šibenik 2017, won first place in the competition for the design of the visual identity of the Vukovar Water Tower 2017.

CirkoBalkana 9 festival is financially supported by the City Office for Culture of the City of Zagreb, Teatroskop- regional program for performing arts in SE Europe, Creative Europe program of the European Union – through circusnext platform, French Institute, Creative Desk, Kultura nova Foundation, Ministry of Culture and media of the Republic of Croatia through the Cirkorama Program and the SubScena program, and takes place in cooperation with the Zagreb Center for Independent Culture and Youth – POGON, the Autonomous Cultural Center – ATTACK !, Club Močvara  and the Libraries of the City of Zagreb. The performers’ meals are sponsored by: Annapurna, Vesela Motika, OPG Biomara/Food for Good

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