Nebulajzer fest

Nebulajzer fest - the festival of hellishly strange bands and individuals

Monday 30.4. from 16:00

NEBULAJZER-the festival of hellishly strange bands and individuals who express themselves through music in such a way that no one’s left unaffected

This year, we’ve decided to use the festival to delve somewhat deeper into the musical matter of everyday life, giving those interested a better view of the trends of contemporary underground sound. We free-dove deeply, dug deeper than 10 feet, and at last we found a number of brilliant minds- right in front of us!

They are musicians who often flirt with the circus or are circus performers themselves, pouring in from Zagreb, Belgrade, Samobor, and they’re slowly but surely making their way towards the red circus tent to share their art with audiences thirsty for fresh, authentic and unique sound on the 30th of April.

Entry to the sound yard: voluntary donation


Two costumed virtuosos take you on a thrilling super giant slalom through funk, drum and bass, low rock, electro...

The Yeti’s mini-set of electro-acoustic drums is enough to create unrivaled grooves, while the Skier imaginatively uses his own hand-made inventions- the Baskija and the Skimburica, using the slide technique and occasionally the bow. This unusual duet from the artistic underground of Belgrade offers a show enrichened by impromptu improvisation, inspired audiences and the ambiance of the venue.


In their rooting phase, the Carrots bring the seed of carrots – symbolizing all seeds – as a reminder for planting and grounding. Just like groundwater is rich in a years-worth of energy in May, so shall the carrots be stronger. It also helps that the ratio of day to night is seven to four.



Psychedelic carousel, all with a hint of the absurd welcome

Performers: Luka Tikvicki, Tibor Grujić, Matija Vuletić


Werecat (Zagreb/Meowland)

Werecat is the project of music guerilla fighters hailing from the circus or the bar, presenting their collection of songs and meows for all seasons– and is now ready to exclusively present their debut album titled “1 Pišem 2 Pamtim” (1 I Write 2 I Remember)! With this hot treat, say the cats-in-the-know, come a plethora of other original poetry, prose, farce, artistry, dance and other sounds in the genre of glitch-chanson, acoustic-pop-noise made specifically for gardens, exclusive festivals and drinking holes. Grab one of the few remaining tickets for this sold-out event and learn all the hits at the show: “1 pišem 2 pamtim” (1 I Write 2 I remember), “Mrnjaumjau” (Meow Meow), “Nabrijan sam k’o sto gromova” (I'm Jacked like a Motherfucker)



Musical composition which hasn’t won multiple awards, made by a variable author who uses chance to create a show. Microphonic drivel, unexpected harmonic bursts, synthesizer hullabaloo and beatbox madness are what will situationally transform a living moment into musical ceremony. Situation + intuition = composition


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