Movement workshop Between a Juggler & a Mover With Ron Beeri & Itamar Glucksmann

Movement workshop Between a Juggler & a Mover (dancer, acrobat...) With Ron Beeri & Itamar Glucksmann

15 - 17.9. 2018.

In the workshop we will learn methods of how to generate and create material for a juggler and a mover (Acrobat, dancer...) that work together. All the methods are based on a meeting between a juggler and a mover, using each individual skill in order to create a duet.

In the workshop we will work with concepts that explore the combination of an artist that work with his body together with an artist that work with objects and learn a method for that specific partnering work.

# The participants need to registrant to the workshop in pairs (one juggler & one mover) and its not necessary that they work together before.

kotization: 6000rsd

You can apply on: until 12th of September, with subject : juggler/mover.

In apeal please write jor name and surname, how experienced are you in named disciplines and your phone number

About Itamar and Ron:

Itamar Glucksmann - Was born and raised in Jerusalem. From an early age he started practicing theatre and circus arts. After a few years in the Jerusalem circus school, he moved to Berlin, Germany,where he discovered the world of dance. In 2009 he entered the reputed circus school «LE LIDO « in Toulouse France. After two years of intensive training at the circus school, Itamar started his professional career. Today, beside of the creation and turing of the show LAZUZ Itamar works in various circus and dance companies, such as: Cie 111, Compagnie Dernière Minute, and IETO.

Ron Beeri - A juggler & circus artist born in a small “kibbutz” in the north of Israel. As a teenager he discovered juggling through some kids on the street in his hometown. Beside a way of expressing himself through the Art form, Juggling became a medicine for his ADHD. In 2009 he moved to Stockholm where he graduate from the Dance & Circus University (DOCH). Later on he based his own company BEERI in Sweden, and Currently Ron is touring with LAZUZ, his solo show YAD, Claire Parsons Company and teaching in different venues around the world.

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