“All faces of the circus” – ceramic workshop for children (8-16 years)

“All faces of the circus” – ceramic workshop for children (8-16 years)

The ceramics workshop for children is a place where we will have fun making colourful circus characters from clay. This workshop is perfect for children aged 8 to 16, as we will explore different techniques of design and expression through ceramics.

We will familiarize ourselves with all the tools and materials we will use. We will shape the clay into the faces of different circus characters – from cheerful clowns to brave acrobats! The workshop is intended to stimulate the imagination and creativity of the participants and their original expression.

At the end of the workshop, we will have the opportunity to share our work with the other participants and to talk about what we learned and what we liked to do. Your ceramic works will be used as an artistic intervention where we will place the faces of the circus in certain locations in the city of Zagreb.

This workshop is a great opportunity to express yourself through ceramics and have fun creating your unique circus characters. The number of participants is limited (13 max)

Applications to: lucijaleksic@gmail.com

The leader of the workshop is Lucija Lekšić, a multidisciplinary artist, who mostly expresses herself through the medium of clay/ceramics in all the forms she could imagine. In addition to ceramics, she is involved in illustration, painting, theater, film and clowning.

Lucija is assisted in the workshop by clown, educator, and visual artist Petra Bokić.

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