SKIER & YETI & VJ Videognom & Clumsy Penguin & SKRECh MASTER LJUBAN

5.06.2022. Sunday at 20:00

CirkoBalkana circus tent/ Yard of Pogon Jedinstvo i Močvara club

Trnjanski nasip bb

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SKIER & YETI & VJ Videognom & Clumsy Penguin

Two costumed virtuosos lead you through funk, drum & bass, low rock, electro …

Yeti’s mini-set of electro-acoustic drums is enough for a groove without borders, while Skier is using his hand-made inventions – Basski, Skimburitza and others. 

This unusual duo from the artistic underground of Belgrade provides a musical performance enriched by improvisation inspired by the audience and the atmosphere in which they perform, which is also followed by a live VJ set.

Especially for this anniversary, they will bring in a technical expert, the Clumsy Penguin


He spoils the masses with his standard DJ set with not so standard music. It takes us through forgotten naphthalene hits, famous melodies, and repressed and subconscious rhythms packed in trash hop manners.

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