Concept and performed by: Marina Cherry / USA-Sweden
Discipline: contortion / acro-dance
Age 10+ / Duration 40’

The author presents her solo work in progress based on contortion and acro-dance performed in an extremely small space and minimalist conditions. Intriguingly overwhelming and occasionally disturbing, this unusual conglomerate creates a mixture of corporal and mental manipulation. This is a sequel of the project by Thomas Monkton, Only Bones v1.0. The premier is announced for December 2020 at the NouNous Festival in Helsinki, Finland.
Marina Cherry is a multi talented artist currently working on numerous projects all across Europe. She was born in Montana and currently lives in Stockholm. She trained at the ESAC Academy for Circus Art in Brussels, followed by a professional circus education at the ENC, The National Circus School in Montreal. She has experienced various artistic directions before discovering circus, and placed her own petite performing world between circus and dance.

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The festival program will be held according with measures for preventing the epidemic of COVID 19.

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