Thursday 22.9.2022. at 20:30

Saterday 24.9. at 20:00

Sunday 25.9. 2022. at 20:00

It’s happening again, one thought puts them in motion. It happens 60,000 times a day. It goes on forever. Tiny molecules crash against each other, hug each other, walk, play, dance; chemical messengers respond to every stimulation, neurotransmitters of emotions. There are 60,000 modes of existence, transmissions of anger, fear, love, trust. Hemisphere is their journey, as well as it is yours: a constantly developing reaction, an homage to man and his incredible mechanism, everyday balance, the cycle of life.

“The mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.” (Albert Einstein)

Discipline: acrobatics, balancing acts, aerials

Production: Circus MagdaClan

Co-authors and performers: Giulio Lanfranco, Davide De Bardi, Sorisi Daniele, Tiphaine Rochais, Lucas Elias, Elena Bosco, Achille Zoni, Antonio Petitto, Veronica Maria Canale

Technicians: Giorgio Benotto, François Neveu, Meron Celentano

Running time: 65’

Age range: 5+

Entrance: 1.000 RSD


Established 10 years ago, MagdaClan is one of the best known and loved Italian contemporary circus companies. It combines the traditional image of circus and itinerant life with a poetic, ironic and many-sided language that connects different art forms and is a metaphor for the complexity that inhabits our present time. A collective of 20 members – acrobats, musicians and technicians – MagdaClan builds surreal scenarios, fragile imbalances and collective scenes of acrobatics and acro dance, all based on innovative and attentive artistic research and sincere self-irony.

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