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Their starting point was to develop a dialogue between the stage work of equilibrists (tightrope and slake rope) and the interrogation of a philosopher over the problematic of "uneasiness", in the original meaning of lack of rest, a little something which relentlessly drives us into a different situation, looking for a physical or symbolic place ("lugar" in Spanish) where one feels better. A philosophical and yet poetical thematic which is loudly echoed in the agitation built into our hyper-modern way of life. This question naturally attracted the attention of two equilibrists who know, through each fibre of their body, the dangers and advantages of stopping and moving. Through her radically peculiar experience, which sets her in the position to find her balance on a rope, the rope walker reaches something fundamental: the very essence of the human being, which is motion, and the essence of our time, which is the acceleration of movement.

On a wire, the tightrope walker is constantly searching for a point, a necessarily temporary place, to be present in his body and in space. Eleonora Gimenez uses a slack rope and Vanina Fandino a tight wire. To create a hybrid of their disciplines, they have developed a new type of rigging accommodating both styles of balance work, using the same wire, which changes nature and character. In partnership with the philosopher Diego Vernazza, they have created a show that also works with words, looking for answers to existential imbalances.

Two women inhabit a wire that inevitably changes: it stretches out, loosens and curves itself, thus drawing different spaces. Tiny but always mobile spaces that might build up places, inhabitable shapes.

Is a genuine place possible where everything is movement, instability and crisis? All in all, what is a place, a human space, inhabitable, in a world perpetually off balance?

The line becomes path, trace, memory, idea, word. We follow this line, its alterations, its whims, to explore our way of being on earth (within a few centimetres…)

Performed by: Vanina Fandino, Eleonora Gimenez and Diego Vernazza

Duration: 50 min

Age limit: 7+


Eleonora Gimenez, co-author, slake rope.

Born in Argentina, she has been living and working in Europe for 10 years. Graduated from National University of Rosario in sociocultural anthropology, she started circus in 1997 in a self-taught way. At very beginig she performed with the company Circo Volante (Argentina) and after with « La Mula » (Argentina-Belgium) with witch she toured in Europe in 2005. She has been a performer for « Theater des Augenblicks » as a part of the « The Library Production of Memories » project (Turkey) and for « Karlikdanza-teatro » (Extremadura, Spain). She was awarded a diploma from Academie Fratellini  in 2010, where she created her first solo CAE (it falls), which toured in France and worldwide. She currently works in France for the company Théâtre de l’entrouvert (France) in « Impermanence » and for her first creation LUGAR, Rien est à sa place.

Vanina Fandiño, co-author, tightrope.

Born in Argentina, she has been living and working in Europe since 2001. After training in a body expression school in Rosario, Argentina, she started circus in a self-taught way with the company Circo Volante (Argentina). She toured Europe with the « Circo Fantasma » and in 2004 she enrolled in the « Le Lido » Circus Arts High School (Toulouse, France) where she trained to become a circus actress and more particularly a tight-wire dancer. As a member of company « NoFitState Circus » (Wales) she has performed in « Tabù », « Labyrinth », « Bianco » and « Mundo Paralelo » shows. She took part in the creation of « Hurjaruut », for the Helsinki Winter Circus, Finland. She is a co-creator of Duo Vertigo (flying pole number) with Foucauld Falguerolles. Today, she works in France on her first creation LUGAR.

Diego Vernazza, co-author, researcher.

Master and Doctor in Political Philosophy by the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales of Paris, he works on different perspectives of modern subjectivity - philosophical, psychoanalytic and political. His paper on « Montesquieu et la problématique de l’inquiétude », which was published in the book « (Re)lire L'Esprit des lois » at the Publications de la Sorbonne, kicked off the LUGAR project.

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