2.6. Thursday at 18:00

Sava river embankment near the Bridge of Freedom


Racine (s) is a circus performance in which moments of poetry, exploit and risk are intertwined. It is a space where stories are told in body and voice. In Racine (a), only tissue is both thematic and poetic: the earth.

“Through this creative project, I address issues that are both personal and universal. Constantly on the move, usually in the air, I try to explore the topic of rootedness. This COUNTRY… This pedestal… .this foundation under my feet. This country that feeds carries, supports us … this country where the first man and woman appeared … this country we return to when our journey is finally overdone. It is my homeland that I left a few years ago and to which I often go for work. I find her again in my dreams, in my childhood memories. Despite everything, I belong to it. Does she belong to me? ”Inbal Ben Haim

Techniques: rope, dance, live music

Concept, script, rope acrobatics and performance: Inbal Ben Haim

Original music, composition and performance: David Amar

Dramaturgy and direction: Jean Jacques Minazio

Set design: Raphaël Maulny

Costumes: Sofia Bencher

Stage technician: Mathieu Minazio

Production: L ‘Attraction compagnie

Trailer https://vimeo.com/294543535

About the group

The art company L`Attraction has been developing original art theatre and circus projects since 2008. Combining the performing arts, transcending genres, eras and labels, it combines texts with strong visual elements and sound aesthetics. By designing performances for the traditional stage and public spaces, the company positively nurtures such eclecticism and reaffirms its propensity for an abundance of identities.

The core consists of artists – actors, musicians, circus performers, singers… ..and technicians who continuously participate in projects, as well as invited artists depending on the project. With an abundance of talent and diversity, L`Attraction creates a free vision of theatre and circus that is inextricably inscribed in the whole essence of the troupe.

This creative freedom paved the way for the emergence of very personal and original works. As different plays are developed, a repertoire that has meaning and in which poetry plays a central role is developed: The Strowlers, Museum Theater, Sleeping Point, Le cabinet de curiosités, Tea Time (Cycle Around Shakespeare). Boulgakov Cocktail, Pepe Carvalho, La Tribu, Poetic Museum …


Born in the winter of 1990 in Jerusalem, Inbal grew up in the landscapes of Israel. She studied visual and plastic arts (holds a degree in Plastic Arts & Cinematography)

The circus was discovered in 2004 through the Free Dome and Cirque Shabazy project

She was guided by the call of creative physicality and being on heights, initially focusing on a fixed trapeze, and then devoted herself to the generous minimalism of a relaxed rope. In 2011, she left her homeland to pursue a career in art and began a career in France. Establishing important artistic connections

and attending a series of professional workshops, he deepens his search: starting with the Center Régional des Arts du Cirque PACA – Piste d’Azur, then the Center des National des Arts du Cirque in Chalons en Champagne until December 2017. He performs in the play Atelier 29 (Promotion 29 ) directed by Mathurin Bolz.

She has performed in France, Brazil and Argentina: The Hanged World with l’Ensemble Shabazy; Quelque part & Nulle with the troupes Compagnies On and Archaos, Atelier 29, etc. At the same time, she developed an approach to teaching adapted to the therapeutic circus and

actively participates in various institutions and establishments in Israel and France.

By combining circus, dance, theatre, improvisation and sculpture, Inbal creates his poetic expression. Mostly inspired by human relationships that can happen on stage, in a circus ring or even on the street, she seeks

strong encounters between the audience and the performers… intimate and spectacular, earthly and

air … near and far …


He started learning the saxophone at the age of 12 and then joined the jazz section of the CRR (Regional Conservatory) in Nice. Influenced by contemporary music, he continued his career as a self-taught musician, gaining a reputation for his versatility. His growing interest in the voice led him to study opera at the Academy in Monaco

Music with Marie-Anne Losco. He co-founded the trio Sashird Lao in 2005. Winning the award in 2007 during the Jazz à Juan Revelations, the group recorded 3 albums (distributed by Harmonia Mundi) and performed in many countries (touring in Brazil, Australia, and Africa …). At the same time, David developed his soundpainting practice with Walter Thompson and Françoise Jeanneau from whom he received official certification.

For 12 years he led a jazz workshop at the University of Nice and numerous other educations (music training, introduction to improvisation, body-voice work). Since 2014 he has been teaching vocal jazz techniques at the Contemporary Music Department of the Conservatory of Monaco. He is regularly involved in the work of various theatrical and contemporary dance troupes that seek to combine performance with composition in real-time (Cie L’Attraction, Cie Une Petite Voix M’a Dit, Cie Humaine, Cie TranS).

In 2015, he created the Protean experimental group “Inwardness” – a multidisciplinary team that explores the process of spontaneous composition. Their first album, Space Jazz, was released in 2018 via Ozella Music.

Co-production: Archaos Pôle National Cirque, Festival «Scene de Cirque» – Ville de Puget -Théniers, Festival «Rue (z) & Vous – Vil le de Valbonne Sofia Antipol, CDN – Théâtre Nat ional de Nice, Maison du Parc National et de la Val lée

de Luz-Saint-Sauveur

Residences: École élémentaire de Puget -Téniers, Vil le de Valbonne Sophia Antipol, CDN – National Theater de Nice, Maison du Parc Nat ional et de la Vallee de Luz-Saint-Sauveur, Center Régional des Arts du Cirque – Région Sud – Piste d’Azur

Support: Région Grand Est – Center National des Arts du Cirque, Southern Region

The tour in Croatia supported by

Teatroskop – a program initiated by the French Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs, the French Ministry of Culture and the Institut français Paris, the French Institute in Croatia


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