3.6.2022. Friday at 20:00

CirkoBalkana circus tent/ yard of Pogon Jedinstvo i Močvara club

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To die – to fall asleep forever.

Die- disappear.

To die – to go into oblivion.


And meet a friend you’ve always been with,

who loved you the most,

and whom you feared most – your Death.

Death – love.

Death is an adventure.

Death – one end and one beginning.

Are we ready to accept it,

to dance

fall in love with your mortality?

“My intrigue is my mortality, the ultimate mystery of man and leaving this world forever.”

How can we emotionally accept this fact and face ourselves as mortals?

Through the play, the artist establishes a very close relationship with her partner on stage – Death, and thus tries to convey a clear emotion to the audience in order to portray Death as a necessity – an integral part of life, playing with grotesque, elements of horror, drama, comedy and parodies with his circus technique on a trapeze prop.

The desire to meet Death, fear, passion and anger are just some of the emotions that intertwine in the play through circus and puppetry techniques, building a unique performance narrative without words.

Author and performer: Petra Najman

Mentor for puppet elements: Marijana Matoković

Acrobatic movement mentor: Marina Cherry

Artistic consultant, light design, skeleton manipulation: Nikola Mijatović

Sound technician: Milan Manić

Music: Penny Rimbaud, Berio: Sequence # 3 for solo voice Cathy Berberian

Illustration and design: Marin Remić

Photo: Josip Bolonić and Ivan Marenić

Video: Josip Visković

Production: Cirkorama 2021.


About the artist

Petra Najman was born in Zagreb on November 29, 1999. She has been involved in the circus since she was 12 years old in the Cirkorama association, with which she also performed from 2014 to 2016 the performance  “Danse Macabre – an attempt at a vertical return” and numerous other performances and projects.

At the age of 18, he decided to dedicate himself completely to the circus and went to Turbul Circus School in France, where he studied circus pedagogy for children and young people. After completing and obtaining a degree in circus pedagogy, she enrolled in a professional circus school in France’s Piste d’Azur, where she specializes in static trapeze as her discipline.

After graduating from the Piste d ´Azur school, he decided to deepen his artistic and technical knowledge and enrolled in the FLIC circus school in Turin, where he continued to study trapeze and circus.

The play “My Death and I” is her first solo project, which she started working on in June 2020. Through numerous residencies and grants, he ends the play in 2021 with the premiere in Zagreb as part of the Circus Night # 3 event.

The project was supported through art residencies by: Zagreb Center for Independent Culture and Youth Pogon, Cirkus Kolektiv, ROOM 100, Cirkusfera, CirkoBalkana.

The play “My Death and I” was supported by the City Office for Culture of the City of Zagreb, the Kultura nova Foundation, and through the Circus Residential Network and with funds from the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia

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