L.H.D. (Sisak)

27.5.2022.Friday at 21:30

CirkoBalkana circus tent in the yard of the Pogon Jedinstvo

Trnjanski nasip bb

L.H.D. (Sisak)

Tickets https://core-event.co/events/l-h-d-80e2/

Doors: 21:00

Instrumental r’n’r trio L.H.D. it is just a seemingly new band as it is made up of Lada, Hrvoje and Dinko, musicians with over twenty years of experience, known to some as members of the defunct The Bambi Molesters. The trio intertwines the influences of several genres: garage, soul, exotica, surf, and psychedelia and creates a unique and fresh new sound.

L.H.D. releases his debut album “Off the Grid” by Dirty Old Label, independent record label Igor Banjanin and the band’s sub-label Red Drum. The album will be released on May 21, just a few days before the Zagreb concert as part of the CirkoBalkan festival, and on the occasion of the release of the new album, L.H.D. will present themselves to the audience with completely fresh things.

The album was created during a challenging past and tectonic shift, and the new songs form the basis for a possible start of construction renewal at all levels. In a whirlwind of contemporary deafening verbal noise, LHD offers listeners a liberating and honest instrumental background for some personal, real or virtual travel.

Do not miss this concert which will take place in a circus tent set up in the yard of the Jedinstvo Plant and also open the musical part of the program of the tenth in a row festival of contemporary circus CirkoBalkan.



See you !!!

The concert is organized by AKC Attack! and Cirkorama, through the project # jersviratisemora2 which is supported by the Croatian Music Union and the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia.

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