I can speak

Cirkoneo(SRB): I can speak

A play that speaks a specific language of contemporary circus, contemporary dance, movement theater play voice, created as an experiment of mentors and performers from  circus school  Cirkoneo. thhis is also the first performers and circus performance. The performance accompanied by contemporary music.
Do society need us and whether we need a society?  What is our social environment, whether it is ready to accept those who are different at first glance, how they feel those who restrain their personality issues are which was conducted this performance. This is a story of rejection, suspicion, possessiveness ... in its extreme forms, and reflecting such attitudes and behavior of the individual interacting with the society in the  broadest senseThis play was produced by Cinema city associations and two associations for the development of contemporary circus and performance Ludifico and Creative drive under the name Cirkoneo.

Performed by:

Djordje Mandic
Sofija Uzur
Ana Vujović
Anastasija Sokolova

Duration 40 min

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