Cirkorama/Cirkusfera/Un loup pour l homme (HR/RS/FR): DUEL

2.6.2022. Thursday at 19:30

CirkoBalkana circus tent/ Yard of Pogon Jedinstvo i Močvara club

Trnjanski nasip bb

Cirkorama/Cirkusfera/Un loup pour l homme (HR/RS/FR): DUEL show (Croatian premiere) (5+)

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Four acrobats are facing the outcome of the confrontation. At times they play against one another, at times they choose to play together. Their choices will demand sacrifices at the account of their honour. They are chasing goals and accepting defeats.

Once again, like countless times before, person’s gaze on you. In your mind echoes the thought: how the challenge will turn out this time. Observe. Anticipate. React. Innumerably, but every time different, every time anew. You observe yourself by carrying out the challenge, and while truth never slips through your fingers you get to know yourself over again. Thoughts are poking you to crumble your attendance, to make you lose the sense of meaningful matters. Once more with a profound will you build castles in the sky, and once more they demolish before you. And then again, like countless times before you gaze into your own eyes.

After a successful collaboration in 2019, Cirkorama, Cirkusfera and Un loup pour l’homme have chosen to build this project to give encouragement to artists of Serbia and Croatia to continue stepping on the path of professional circus careers. They have rather chosen to use the artistic circumstances to their advantage, and not to succumb to its deficits. By embracing the cultural environment they devoted themselves to the creative process.

Disciplines: partner / aerial acrobatics

Concept and performance: Danka Sekulović, Hristina Šormaz, Jelena Kalaica, Nemanja Jovanović

Expert associates: Aleksandra Frey, Špela Vodeb, Nikola Mijatović

Music: Nikola Mijatović

Lighting design: Ana Pinter

Light and sound technicians: Milan Manić and Nikola Mijatović


CO-PRODUCTION: Un loup pour l’homme, Cirkorama, Cirkusfera


CirkoБalkana, Teatroskop – Southeastern European Network for Performing Arts, Institut français à Paris, Institut français de Croatie, Institute français de Serbie, Ministry of culture and information of Republic of Serbia, Bitef theater, Bitef Festival, KC Magacin, Circus Residential Network (supported by Ministry of Culture and Media of Republic of Croatia, Municipality of Zagreb, City office of Culture)

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