The weight of the soul – everything is temporary/ Le poids de l’ame – tout est provisoire

Saturday 25.9/ 20:00

Location: Port  of Belgrade /CirkoБalkana circus tent

The weight of the soul – everything is temporary/ Le poids de l’ame – tout est provisoire

Discipline: slack rope/ pupetry

Creation and performance: Chiara Marchese /France,Italy

Outside eye: Francesca Lattuada, Julie Mondor, Marion Collé

Sound design: Alexis Auffray, Geoffrey Dugas

Light design: Bernard Revel

Creative psychodynamic consultant: Alberto Giorni

Duration:75 minutes

Age: 16+

Entrance: 700rsd

The play The Weight of the Soul-Everything is temporary, with innovative stage language, speaks of fear, pronunciation and self-confidence, fragile features, signs and meanings. It is about threads and a thin line that connects our impulses with our rationality. Author Chiara Marchez combines circus and puppetry.

”It is a piece about me, because it is about you. It is about all of us. It speaks about our constant imbalance, our illusion of immobility and stability. Physical, material, psychic and intellectual. It is about our relation to success and fiasco. Our ascensions and our failures. Our need for rebirth, the need to be exposed to our fears, facing who we are: our worst enemy and our best ally“.

Laureate circusnext 2020-2021

 “The weight of the soul – everything is temporary” is supported through Teatroskop (a program initiated by French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, French Ministry of Culture, and Institut français Paris). This event is part of Circus (must) SEE program:

Chiara Marchese was born at the foot of the Etna volcano during the spring of 1988.  On her island, a land rich with stories and natural beauties, she started learning art  through painting. After completing her studies in decoration and scenography at  the Catania Academy of Fine Arts, she discovered the art of the slack wire. She  then decided to leave to ensure her artistic growth.  

For three years, she studied at the Vertigo school in Turin, where she learned the  fundamentals of slack wire technique with Arian Miluka. 

She was accepted at the French National Centre for the Circus arts (CNAC 26th  promotion) and graduated in 2014. She performed in Over the Cloud, directed by  Jérôme Thomas. During her years at CNAC, she reconnected with the visual arts  and was introduced to puppetry arts under the guidance of Morgane Aimerie  Robin and Chloé Sanchez, both students at ESNAM (National Superior School of  Puppetry Arts of Charleville-Mézières). Since graduating, Chiara has performed  in Les Inouïs by Belgian company Théâtre d’un Jour, then collaborated to the Bibi  project of company Ruska, involving puppets, music and visual arts. In 2016, Chiara  created her solo, Mavara, a choreographic piece uniting circus and puppets, which  is currently still touring in a roster of festivals in France and abroad.   

Chiara has been mentioned, along with other visual artists, in a thesis work of the  university of Sorbonne Paris 3 on circus and puppets. She has been a contributor  of the Circus Arts Encyclopaedia published by CNAC and the French National  Library. Her work is also mentioned in the book Du fil à la slackline, as well as in  books by Bernard Andrieu regarding body philosophy. Today, Chiara focuses her  research at the crossing of different disciplines: circus, puppetry, visual arts, dance,  theatre performance, in her next solo project, The Weight of the Soul – Everything  is temporary.  

Since 2020 Chiara has been a companion artist of the Porte27 collective.

Photo: Emiliano Pino

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