27. 5. 2022 . at 19:00

Big hall of  Pogon Jedinstvo

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Lento is
Lento is a
Lento is a psychodrama
A psycho theatrical breach.
A speech that slowly becomes dissonant, absurd and drifts to a familiar impression of déjà vu, to open a window on loneliness. Logical and absurd, Lento is composed like a puzzle, a riddle with several layers, playing with reality’s interferences and cyclic repetitions. Lento is a hybrid form exploring the absurd, the invisible, the subliminal and many other notions, such as illusion, symmetry, doubt, failure, wandering, drift, irony, contemporary, yraropmetnoc, off-screen, silence, reality and its double and its double…”

Trailer :

Extract of performance :

Creation & performance Valentina Cortese
Disciplines Acro dance, magie nouvelle, live music
Stage technician Marie Vela / Bambou Monnet
General direction & set contruction Rémi Bernard
Sound design Florent Hamon
Light design Hugo Oudin
Costumes Mylie Maurie, Marnie Langlois, Laurine Baudon
Outside eye in the frame of the Studio-PACT support Florent Bergal
Production Maud Thomas
Production & diffusion Jordan Enard

About the artist

Valentina Cortese

Dancer with a circus streak. She studied in France and Italy. 

Holding a Master’s degree in audio-visual communication, she started studying image semiology, storytelling, narratology, perspective and editing. She worked first at La Cinemathèque française (Paris) where she developed a real cinema background. Few years later she decided to study dance at Conservatoire Régional de Boulogne and in Rencontres Internationales de Danse Contemporaine (Paris), where she obtained EAT in contemporary dance.

In 2014 she decided to move closer to a new field that fascinated her, circus arts. It’s within FLIC circus school (Torino), with Roberto Magro as an artistic director at that time, and then Francesco Sgro’, that she started over. This experience shook her vision of performing arts. Further to that, I worked with Petr Formann, Milan Heirich, and Romeo Castellucci, and collaborated sometimes with the Magdaclan circus company. In 2016, she launched an experimental circus collective dedicated to research with other artists called “Terzo Livello”.

Meanwhile, she continued to learn and develop her work by taking workshops with some of the artists that she admire like Peeping Tom, Baro d’evel Cirk, Cristiana Morganti (Tanztheater Pina Bausch), Ambra Senatore, Yoann Bourgeois, Un loup pour l’homme, Lali Ayguadé, The Slovaks, Adriana Boriello (Rosas). She spent a month in an internship at the Folkwang Universitat der Kunst in Essen to improve her dance skills.

As a result of those rich experiences, in 2016 she started conducting creative research workshops in circus schools around Italy and France.

Since 2017 she is part of “Fabrique de la danse”, artistically directed by Christine Bastin, for occasional choreographic performances in Paris.

She also leads some artistic activities with elderly people in a retirement home in Tournefeuille (FR).

In 2018, she joined the third-year program of Le Lido, Centre des Arts du Cirque in Toulouse. There, she found freedom that allowed her to refine and mature a personal approach to circus and performance. She took an interest in minority practices and in the various types of movement and theatricality that still don’t carry a label.

Her curiosity about cognitive processes, metaphysics and writing methods took her to follow a Magie Nouvelle professional program at CNAC, led by Raphaël Navarro and the anthropologist Valentina Losseau, in the course of which she took classes with Arthur Chavaudret, Yann Frisch, Aragorn Boulanger and many others. That intensively intellectually stimulated her. It was relevant to her current project. 

There she started a new chapter of research, a convergence zone between the theoretical and academic studies she previously did, and several different art forms she is interested in. 

“Ecriture magique” (magical writing) allowed her to explore the notion of time, more precisely the perception of time’s movement (agogique), literary rules, and how to break them.

Support (as of 01/04/2021) SACD / Processus Cirque, circusnext, Fondation E.C.Art Pomaret 

Coproduction Groupe Geste(s), La Grainerie, Cirkano 

Residencies La Grainerie, Espace Périphérique, Teatro da Didascália, Cirkano, L’Été de Vaour, Ax Animation, Pôle Culture de la ville de Cornebarrieu, Service culturel de Cauterets, Centre culturel des Mazades, Cave coopérative de Baro d’Evel Cirk Cie, Dinamico festival

Shortlisted circusnext 2020-2021, project co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union

Tour in Croatia and Slovenia supported by

circusnext,  Teatroskop Southeastern European Network for Performing Arts initiated by the French institute, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs, French Institute in Croatia and Serbia

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