The show “The Fish” is a short but thrilling journey of two seawomen. The monotony of everyday life is broken by the arrival of a fish, which suddenly jumps out of the water and gives the duo a fishing lesson they’ll remember...

The show at times resembles a videogame as the protagonists carelessly try to capture the fish, forgetting everything else. Once the game’s over, they are not pleased with the results.

Burlesque, Theatre of the Absurd, music... no words spoken, but strong impressions nevertheless.

Duration: 15 min

Appropriate for all ages.


The PolPet Theatre is made up of Polona and Petra Prosen, who have been active under this moniker for several years.

Polonahas been educated in theatre, circus and scenography in Slovenia, Spain and France. Currently, her primary focus is theatre, and she works as a producer in the Ana Monro Theatre.

Petra is an art teacher, and her interests are puppetry, theatre and running art workshops.

They have performed their show “The Fish” as a part of the Street Theatre Festival in Slovenia (Ana Mraz, Ana Pravljična, Ana Desetnica, Lent) and Spain (San Sebastian).

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