RARE BIRDS – Un Loup Pour L’homme (FRA)


RARE BIRDS – Un Loup Pour L’homme (FRA)  – as part of the main program 53.BITEF Festival

Date: 25.09 at 19:00 and 26.09. at 20:00

Ticket price: 1200 (pre-sale), 1700(on date) on BITEF Festival box office

Location: Cirkobalkana tent

Creators and performers: Alexandre FRAY, Arno FERRERA, Mika LAFFORGUE, Sergi PARÉS, Frédéri VERNIER, Špela VODEB
Artistic Direction: Alexandre FRAY
Artistic Co-ordination: Miriam KOOYMAN
External perspective: Floor van LEEUWEN
Dramaturgy :Bauke LIEVENS
Sound design :Jan BENZ & Steffen LOHREY
Lighting design: Florent BLANCHON
Costumes: Jennifer DEFAYS
Technical direction :Pierre-Jean FAGGIANI & Laurent MULOWSKY
Administration: Caroline MAERTEN
Diffusion :Lou HENRY
Acknowledgements Jan STEEN, Jozef FRUCEK & Linda KAPETANEA / Rootlessroot.

Production Compagnie Un Loup pour l’Homme

Support: French Institute in Belgrade and Teatroskop

Six acrobats trying to keep a permanent, right off-balance state.

They put together their bodies, tangle their arms and legs, seek strange forms, and never cease to reach their off-balance state by trying harder, by failing, by starting from scratch while trying to take their moves further and make them more complex, perhaps even stranger… They use obstacles to their benefit, while putting into practice their abilities to avoid them, to look away from them, to absorb them. In short, they transform them and use them.


They repeat loops in a cyclic manner, but always in a slightly different way. Every attempt to keep balance is illusory. Only constant transformation is permanent. For Rare Birds’ acrobats, it is not about finding a point of equilibrium or creating figures, but rather the opposite, it is about always trying to look for an evolution of movements and being their protagonists. They develop forms that turn into something else continuously and in an unexpected way, thus provoking a series of reactions, whose brilliance lies elsewhere other than in the spectacular.


After having explored humans’ struggles and resistance with Face Nord, Un Loup pour l’Homme starts from the new premise that acrobats are men with the ability to adapt. What matters is no longer to win or lose, but to keep on.

In a way, to carry on playing…


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