An open invitation to the Cirkobalkana 6 Open Stage!

We cordially invite all performance artists and circus workers to enter their:

Skit, joke, illusion, attempt at performance, improvisation, saltomortale, pyromantic or pyrotechnic endeavor, sketch, gag, trick, artistic spasm and all other performative quips into the OPEN STAGE which will be held inside and around our circus tent.

If you have a finished creation, or you’re just working on something and want feedback (are you about to reap what you have proverbially sown), or if you have a burning desire to bring back a long-forgotten act and revive it, bringing you fame for all eternity... The Cirkobalkana Open Stage is just the place for you!

In the last five years the Open Stage has been a crucial part of the CIRKOBALKANA project, an evening in which everyone with an inclination towards the circus, or any other performance arts, can show their artistic work in front of an open-minded audience.

The goal of the Cirkobalkana project is to promote the circus arts by the way of education and performance, keeping true to the original concept of a circus tent, an autonomous place to train, create and perform. Cirkobalkana will be held in Zagreb from April 28th to May 12th, and the Open Stage will be held on the First of May as a part of theCirkobalkan celebration of the International Workers’ Day.

All circus and other performance artists from the Region and beyondcan apply (although there’s been a drop in Martian applications lately), regardless of previous experience (or the lack thereof).

Other conditions:

  • The performance – or act, may be up to 10 minutes long (even though we prefer 7 and a half)
  • You can apply both as a solo act or as a group 🙂
  •  It is mandatory to fill in the full name of the performer (or the group’s name if there are more than one), the name of the performance and a short description of it, include a photo and any technical requests, if possible attach a video (it’s optional), and some form of contact information (email, phone number, etc.)

The application deadline for Zagreb is the 28th of April 2018.

The organizers will try to accommodate anyone in regards to any technical requests, keeping in line with the tents’ capacities. If the need arises, the performers will be able to collaborate with musicians so they can set up their show in case they have no soundtrack - or prefer to perform with live accompaniment.

The organizers will not and cannot cover your travel costs! (C’mon, it’s a holiday…)

This year the performances will be evaluated by a jury of qualified judges in cooperation with the audience, and the best performances will be awarded the prestigious, never-before seen award- The Balkan Cirko.

Send your applications to the following email address: with the subject being: “Long Live the First of May OPEN STAGE!”

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