LP (Long Play)


Presentation of work in progress in the framework of circusnext platform

Thursday 03. 06. 2021. at 19:00

Place: Big Hall of the Pogon Jedinstvo, Trnjanski nasip bb

Age: 10+

Ticket: 30 kn

Ticket sale on:


Using juggling, aerial acrobatics on the static trapeze, dance and music that they create on stage, the authors of the play deal with the issue of identity and the experience of the self of the “millennial generation”.

LP (Long Play) is a visual and acoustical underworld hidden behind the mask of everyday life; an escape gate through which our dreams and fears pass. A millennial temple in which we can celebrate the error; open a gap of human fragility. Wires, software, high-heeled shoes and a beard. The bodies strain under tricks of light and sound, political speeches, cellphones and pop icons. On the eve of the apocalypse, Long Play is a cry of resistance that pays tribute to the generation of the new millennium.

OLGA_ Cirque Analogique are pre-selected artists of the 2020-2021 edition of circusnext, a platform supported by the Creative Europe-Program of the European Union

Teaser: https://vimeo.com/411137285

More about work of Catalina i Alejandro find out on:  https://olgacirqanalogique.com/en/creation

Creation & performance: Catalina Aguayo & Alejandro Dutra
Disciplines: static trapeze, juggling
Outside eye: Marlène Rostaing
Juggling accompaniment: Morgan Cosquer
Graphics: Maria Conill
Costume designer, aesthetic advisor: Clara Aguayo
Administration: Les Thérèses

CirkoBalkana 9 festival is financially supported by the City Office for Culture of the City of Zagreb, Teatroscope – regional program for performing arts in SE Europe, Creative Europe program of the European Union – through circusnext platform, French Institute, Creative Desk, Kultura nova Foundation, Ministry of Culture and media of the Republic of Croatia through the Cirkorama Program and the SubScena program, and takes place in cooperation with the Zagreb Center for Independent Culture and Youth – POGON, the Auto Cultural Center – ATTACK !, the Močvara Club and the Libraries of the City of Zagreb. The performers’ meals are sponsored by: Annapurna, Vesela Motika and OPG Biomara/Food for good

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