Exhibition of photographs by Marija Stojković as part of the festival of contemporary circus in the circus tent CirkoBalkana 9

Opening: Wednesday 26.5.2021. at 20:00

Marija Jurić Zagorka Library, Bloody Bridge 2

This exhibition presents a collage of photo notes that accompany the CirkoBalkana Festival from its beginning in 2013 until today. It encompasses the life of the festival, which takes place mostly off-stage, around the circus tent.

The focus of the lens is on the people who make up the festival, from the team that organizes it to the performers, intentional and casual passers-by.

The collage is not over with this exhibition, it continues to grow along with the festival.

Marija Stojković

Marija Stojković conveys the so-called “backstage” atmosphere of the CirkoBalkan festival through the camera lens, which consists mainly of people gathered around this specific project, which can be seen in the photos of the author for whom this is not the primary art medium. As a person who has been following this festival and setting up a circus tent in all its locations in the region from the beginning, Marija somehow collects an archive of thousands of photos and carefully selects them and places a unique collage, presenting a kind of document to the audience – until then known only to her.

The paintings, which over time slowly disappear from the memory of the actors of these events – through a collage composition of the author, romantically remind the actors of the past days, and the new audience presents a kind of ID card of the CirkoBalkan festival – allowing her to meet all her children.

Nikola Mijatović

Author’s biography:

Marija Stojković was born in 1981 in Leskovac, where she graduated from art high school, majoring in textile design. She graduated from the College of Fine and Applied Arts in Belgrade in 2004 from the Department of Interior Decoration. After that, she enrolled at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade (2007), where she graduated in scenography (2013).

During and after her studies, she realized several sets of theatre plays, including “Fight Club” (National Theater in Nis, 2014), “Tomorrow will be better” (National Theater Toša Jovanović, Zrenjanin, 2013) and “Poor little hamsters” (National Theatre, Kikinda, 2011).

On the project of the exhibition Golden Age of Leskovac (2014) in the National Museum in Leskovac, she worked on the spatial design of the exhibition.

With her works, she participated in the “Art Salon 30×30” in the Cultural Center of Zrenjanin (2018), and the art festival “Festival de Arte Lanzarote” (2019). In the Gallery of the National Museum in Leskovac, she realized a solo exhibition called “Exit” in 2019.

He currently lives and works in Belgrade, engaged in artwork, illustration and design.

The exhibition “All Children of CirkoBalkana” is part of the Cirkorama programme and Cirkorama Production and Distribution Program, and is co-financed by the Kultura Nova Foundation, the City Office of Culture of the City of Zagreb, the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia.

CirkoBalkana 9 festival is financially supported by the City Office for Culture of the City of Zagreb, Teatroskop – regional program for performing arts in SE Europe, Creative Europe program of the European Union – through circusnext platform, French Institute, Creative Desk, Kultura nova Foundation, Ministry of Culture and media of the Republic of Croatia through the Cirkorama Program and the SubScena Program, and takes place in cooperation with the Zagreb Center for Independent Culture and Youth – POGON, the Autonomous Cultural Center – ATTACK !, Club Močvara and the Libraries of the City of Zagreb.

The food of the performers is sponsored by: Annapurna, Vesela Motika, OPG Biomara / Food for good

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