Laden Classe (It) : 193 PROBLEMI


193 Problems is an ironic reflection on the difficulties of a mixed group of humans.

The use of circus arts, in parallel with bizarre situations in which the group finds themselves, creates a surreal world where the characters each face their own problems in a symbolic way.

The artistic signature of the collective sways between the dreamlike and a garage-rock-band rehearsal.

The 193 problems project takes its name from a real list which serves as an ironic inspiration for the group’s work, a device summarising unexpected events, mishaps and different accidents impacting on the group members over the two-year project.

They are a source of more or less explicit inspiration underlying the creative process and give the show a tragicomic touch designed to generate both amusement and reflection.

193 problems brings on the scene the collective’s difficulties which range from simply rubbing shoulders together to more important issues… such as transnational barriers which still today limit the freedom of movements of human beings hindering the free artistic creation among artists who belong to different countries.

Artistic disciplines and languages involved:

  • Contemporary circus disciplines, namely hand-to-hand, Cyr wheel, objects manipulation, aerial trapeze, handstands, acro staff;
  • Theatre disciplines, namely physical theatre, improvisation and clowning;
  • Contemporary dance and acro dance;
  • Live music (voice, beatbox, eletronic misic, live looping,eletric guitar, ..)
  • Martial Arts (Taekwondoo)

Winners of SMart it up! Prize 2017

Outside eye:

Salvatore Frasca
Francesco Sgrò
Alessandro Maida


Laden Classe takes its name from an old washing machine against which one of the members beat his head.The washing machine is a metaphor for the group’s mix of art forms.The laundry does not always comes out of the washing machine just as you expect it to…Sometimes there are surprises and the garments are always mixed up in a unique random order.

The collective was formed in 2015, born from the centrifuge of its members’ artistic and life experiences.

The group uses hand-to-hand, Cyr wheel, trapeze, banquine, chinese pole, live music and theatre as bricks and mortar to create their on-stage language.

Members: Leonardo Cristiani: juggler, clown, performer and Cyr wheel acrobat, Enrico Formaggi: Hand-to-hand catcher, juggler, tightrope walker and performer, Lucia Granelli: Chinese pole acrobat, expert at hand-to-hand, banquine and Icarian games, Javier Varela Carrera: martial arts specialist, acrobat/dancer, juggler, trapeze artist and Cyr wheel acrobat.


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