Cirkobalkana 9

a contemporary circus festival in a circus tent
Yard of the Pogon Jedinstvo and the Močvara Club, Trnjanski nasip bb, Zagreb

– Program



In its 9th edition, the Cirkobalkana Festival returns to Zagreb, with the mission to gather and support regional and foreign circus artists in one place, encourage cooperation, exchange ideas and experiences and present contemporary circus to a wider audience through its authentic and innovative performance vocabulary, which stems from its transdisciplinarity.
In an uncertain world, it’s important to fight for your art, because art inspires and broadens horizons! Therefore, we are still determined to give the audience a lively atmosphere, no matter how limited and not the way we are all used to in the best days – in a crowded tent. The physical distance between the audience and the performers is something for us, still completely new, something that forces us to enter the world of adaptation – we the unadapted – hoping that one day we will all once again huddle together in the boiling atmosphere of a circus tent.
The global pandemic, minimal financial support from institutions and the global crisis in the cultural sector motivate us even more in the intention to keep the festival alive and celebrate the circus in all its forms and forms. This year’s program, which, as every year so far, is short and clear, best confirms this. As always, there is space at the festival for a wide range of circus performances. We put it on an equal footing – side by side, those affirmed with the emerging, regardless of whether it is a presentation of an emerging work or an already respected and awarded circus show.
In addition to the performance part of the program, we also bring workshops, talks with artists, exhibitions, video projections and other interesting things that will make the circus tent and the space around it a pleasant place to stay.
On this, the first occasion, we bring you the performance part of the program, and next week the accompanying program will arrive

CirkoBalkana 9 Festival is organized by Cirkorama from Zagreb and Cirkusfera from Belgrade, and is co-financed by the City Office of Culture of the City of Zagreb, Teatroskop – regional program for performing arts in SE Europe, Creative Europe program of the European Union – through circusnext platform, French Institute, Creative Desk, Kultura nova Foundation, the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia through the Cirkorama Program and the SubScena Program, and takes place in cooperation with the Zagreb Center for Independent Culture and Youth – POGON, Autonomous Cultural Center – ATTACK !, Močvara Club and Libraries of the City of Zagreb.
The performers’ meals are sponsored by Annapurna, Vesela Motika and OPG Biomara/Food for good