4. 6. 2024. u 20:00 CirkoBalkana big top, Trnjanska struga 34


Age: 5+

Duration: 40 ‘

The performance “Ways of Existence” uses the expression of contemporary circus, contemporary dance and elements of physical theatre; contact improvisation, partner acrobatics and ball manipulation. The performers contextualize their strong, capable bodies in the space – the audience is cross-positioned and at any moment, behind the performers, they can see the faces of other people in the audience. This procedure contributes to the initially intimate atmosphere offered by the performance of the performers, the tension of their bodies in a confined space and the immediate proximity of the audience. The limitation that the performers set for themselves, in the form of a loose, wooden structure, becomes a multi-sense sign with which the audience instantly identifies through several relationships at the same time.

In Samuel Beckett’s scientific work on the French writer Marcel Proust, the author of the extensive work “In Search of Lost Time”, the authors find a quote that becomes the premise of their performance. In that work, Beckett defines habit (a Proustian motif par excellence!) as a compromise reached between the individual and his environment, between the individual and his organic eccentricities. The authors deconstruct this definition of habit into a spectrum of significant potentials (habit as a discipline, as training, as a form; habit as a compromise, as an agreement; habit as inertia, as anticipation; habit as a pattern, template, repetition…; habit as a way of being), playing kaleidoscopically with crossed visions and views, both his own and other. That other with a capital O is essential for the conscious existence of the subject, and it is nothing less than literally its organic eccentricities, so evident on the bodies of circus artists. Setting as a starting point a series of challenging limitations (rectangular unstable wooden construction, one ball, three performance disciplines) the authors try to develop their significant potentials as much as possible and to master their performance – to develop a habit of the givenness of this fundamentally minimalist performance work, with unlimited significant potential. Therefore, this performance communicates well with both adults and children, referring to universal storytelling patterns.

Authors and performers: Danka Sekulović and Tjaž Juven

Direction and lighting design: Ana Pinter

Technical support: Nenad Pinter

Poster and visual design: Slavica Dolašević

Co-production: Cirkusfera, Tri groša, MismoNismo

Residential support: CirkoBalkana festival, KC Magacin, Cirkorama (HR), Room100 (HR), Peculiar Families Festival (HR), Sorcerer’s Hat association (HR), Circus Residential Network (HR)

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