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Cirkusfera / Serbia
Discipline: acrobatics / balance
Duration 35’
Concept and performed by: Vladana Manić / Nemanja Jovanović / Danka Sekulović / Hristina Šormaz / Milan Manić
Muzic / live act : Filip Jevtić
Sometimes completely spontaneous, sometimes planned, collectively or individually, always with desire and great expectations we go forth through fields of shamrock. We give all that we have for hope, symbolism, identity, for art and skill, for a moment to take a time out. For scarce linings of freedom, for freedom without frontiers.
By dwelling between the known and the uncertain, the artists on stage play with customary circus objects in a search of balance. At a time when distance is favorable and an embrace not desirable, the performers use physical contact as a necessary support. The body of this work is still in progress, at times taken literally. It originated from experiments with objects, sound and movement.
Cirkusfera was founded in 2009 as an organization for development of contemporary circus and street art. Their performances and shows are the result of intertwined artistic chains, where circus disciplines, movement and music molten into context of informal theater, avoiding linear storytelling and direct understanding. Cirkusfera is dedicated to the development of alternative artistic scene through research of the so called circus tradition using an adventurous style of artistic expression and experimenting with languages of scenic art.

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