30.5.2022. Monday at 19:00 and 31.5.2022. Tuesday at 17:00

CirkoBalkana circus tent/ Yard of the Pogon Jedinstvo and the Močvara club

Trnjanski nasip bb


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Empty stage. Square. A few small items – a tray, a teapot, English grass, a small table. And then two sweet and silent housemates, Fritz and Oscar. Gretel goes back and forth in his cottage made of crazy little things. She is mindless and rigorous, chaotic and still very cautious in sticking to her bizarre logic. Everything is out of range and in place. Then suddenly disaster strikes.

What is home? Who are we? Through the immediacy of the fairy tale, Gretel walks the paths of existence on her own. It is a joyful hymn of stubbornness and perseverance, a celebration of migration and the need to re-invent oneself when everything falls apart. Easy and deep research on the meaning of staying and going through powerful circus images.


Techniques: aerial rope, object manipulation and object balancing

Author and performer: Clara Storti

Lighting designer: Luca Carbone

Lighting Technician: Falvio Cortese

Set design and props: Maddalena Oppici and Clara Storti

Outer eye: Ulisse Romanò and Nadia Milani

Costume designer: Rosa Mariotti

Sound designer: Andrea Ferrario

Creation help: Gaia Vimercati

Production manager: Filippo Malerba

Production: Quattrox4

With the support of RSGT / FLIC – Residenza Surreale, MonCirco / MagdaClan, Dinamico Festival, Circo all’inCirca, Fabbrica C – Puntata Zero, Spiazzo_circo out of the vase

About the artist

Clara Storti (1986) is a circus artist. He perfected the air rope technique with Una Bennett, Leo Hedman, Roman Fedin and Nacho Ricci. Thanks to Elodie Doñaque and Robert Magr, he is improving his research on air traffic and developing his own methodology in creating circuses, the perfect blend between visual art and circus techniques. In 2016, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera, Milan. In the same year she worked as a set designer with director Francesco Micheli and at the studios Lightning & Kinglyface, Map-architettura and Vogue Italia. Through the years she worked intensively on the quality of movement, always looking for a synthesis between floor and air movement. She finds significant inspiration in the work of Shai Faran, David Zambran, Martin Kilvady, Peter Jask, Idan Sharabi and Erez Zohar (Gaga Technique), Ambre Senatore, Fighting Monkey and Judith Sancez, Sabila Civilleri and Manuela Lo Sicco, with whom she later worked as acrobat and actress, Dario Fo, Arturo Brachetti, Willi Dorner, Susan Boogaerdt / Bianca Van der Schoot and Roberto Olivan.

In 2011 he participated in the founding of Quattrox4 in Milan, a center of contemporary circus for the creation, training and dissemination of contemporary circus art. She created PIANI IN BILICO (2018), an aerial duo with 7 ropes, and in 2018 she debuted with DALL’ALTO, a contemporary circus show inspired by Samuel Beckett’s Act Without Words. GRETEL (2021) is her first solo.

The guest performance of GRETEL is co-financed by the Italian Institute in Croatia and the play is a guest within the project SOLO BUT NOT ALONE in which Cirkorama is a partner.

SOLO BUT NOT ALONE is one of 4 actions launched by Quattrox4 to support the professionalization of contemporary circus in Italy since 2021. The project is funded by the Italian Ministry of Culture (Boarding Pass Plus 2021/2022 – Circus)

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