Sunday 25.09.2022 at 12:00

Just like a ringmaster in the traditional circus with animals, the acrobat Hichem Chérif embodies the animals living inside of him. Without any masks, he changes his human nature and becomes a four-legged creature, a bird, a primate. Bestiary is a contemporary image of a traditional circus, in which the individual in front of the audience is neither a freak nor a champion in an extravagant category, but a member of human menagerie that looks like us. A source of surprise and astonishment, Bestiary is a performance that strives to motivate the youngest to play as much as they can, to think outside the box, to dare and cross the conventional barriers…

The show is supported by the French Institute through the program La Collection and is part of the Circus (must) SEE 2022 program.

Discipline: acrobatics

Production: Company B.A.L.

Concept: Jeanne Mordoj

Performer: Hichem Chérif

Running time: 45’

Age range: 5+

Entrance: 700 RSD

Trailer Bestiaire

The concept of Bestiary was created by a famous French artist Jeanne Mordoj who is also the founder of the Company B.A.L. She innovated the world of contemporary circus with her performances, presenting herself as the bearded lady, contortionist, hen-woman, cat-woman, ventriloquist… phenomena  all free and wild, mischievous and serious, just like the artist herself.

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