3.6.2022. Friday at 17:00

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LES COLPORTEURS (FR): MEANDRES show for all ages

An object with graceful meaning, the sculpture-structure of the “Star” was created in 2007, the result of a collaboration between rope walker Antoine Rigot and set designer Patrick Vindimian. L’Etoile has become a universe and a source of inspiration for several short funambulist shows. They represent a unique repertoire for public space, each unique in nature. Méandres, created in 2018, represents the technical evolution of the structure of Étoila, with the addition of masts to its center. A meeting of vertical and horizontal planes in which the story of introspection is told, the one about the dialogue between one woman and her conscience. In the distance, a woman appears to be floating through the crowd. Approaching, she was discovered. Sitting on the shoulder of another woman who put her on one of the strings in the star structure and went to sit in her center. Sitting there, at the base of the mast, conceived, isolated as if on a deserted island, she takes the time to feel and listen, what is happening in her body, in her head… Is that her breath? On the cables around her, the body of her imagination is moved, in a minimalist dance. She observes it, does not resist following him, to catch him; the encounter works.

Creating a sound

L’étoile-mât, the structure on which bodies move, is also a musical instrument. Four pickup trucks skillfully placed on the structure capture vibrations, shocks, friction of sliding arms and feet, the bodies of artists on wires and a pole. The sound quality and the universe created in it allows us to access this intimate and an inner view, a theme specific to the show. Loopy, upgraded and mixed live, the sounds of these vibrations create a range within which the music is written and each show is created anew. And the musical work of listening and dialogue between artists and composers.



Always fascinated by the artistic world in all its forms, Marie tested several paths after the BAC (Faculty of art, physiotherapy). She moved to Montreal to finish her physio studies and discovered acrobatic pole dancing. Returning to France, she became an acrobatic pole dance teacher alongside her activity as a physiotherapist, which enabled her to finance her registration at the Jules Verne circus school in Amiens. There, she trained on the Chinese mast, the pendulum mast and on the basics of aerial. To complete her training, she follows various courses focused on acrobatic movement, dance and clowning.

When she left school, she worked on several projects as a performer, notably for Raphaëlle Boitel’s L’oublie(e) company in “La chute des anges”, and created her own show “GLITCH”. She plays mainly in theaters but is definitely addicted to the circular stage of the big tops. Following encounter with the Colporteurs in 2020, she embarked on the adventure of “Coeurs Sauvages”, the next creation of the company. She also takes over the role created by Sandrine Juglair in “Méandres” by Les Colporteurs in 2022.


Molly entered the world of circuses at the age of 11, as part of the first generation of Circus Smirkus. In 1994, she enrolled in the L’Ecole Nationale de Cirque from Montreal, which specializes in dance and rope stunts. After touring with the Allegria cirque du Soleila, she created a solo act, first presented at the Cirque de Demain festival in 1998, receiving a silver medal. Molly’s unique style movement on the wire led her to perform with circus and theatre companies diverse like Cirque Eloize, l’Opéra de Montpellier, Nikulin Circus de Moscou, le Cirque de Budapest, Circus Cirkör, Republique and more. In 2005, she moved to France to join Les Colporteurs to create Le Fil Sous la Neige. In 2013, Molly met Sandrine during Cirque Plume’s Tempus Fugit tour and, enjoying their joint work, they decided to propose cooperation between Antoine and Agatha for their new “Etoile-Mat”…: Méandres.


In Genoa, Tiziano studied piano and composition. The musician, producer, composer and sound engineer, works with various companies working with dance, theatre, cinema and contemporary circus. In 2015, in Italy, he founded the collective Nogravity4monks with the creation of trk #1, a show that explores the sound possibilities of steel, a cable played by a tightrope walker, accompanied by 4 musicians. He composed the music of Orfeo Rave (2016) and The Master and Margarita (2017), for the Teatro della Tosse and The Balletto Civile.


Choreography and interpretation: Sandrine Juglair and Molly Saudek

Director: Antoine Rigot

Artistic collaboration: Agathe Olivier

Music: Antonio Vivaldi, Tiziano Scali

Costumes: Anaïs Clarté

Technical direction: Pierre-Yves Chouin

Set design: Patrick Vindimian, Antoine Rigot

Construction: Patrick Vindimian, Sylvain Georget

Produced by Les Colporteurs

Co-produced by La Cascade, National Circus Pole, Ardèche Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Regional Circus Pole, Le Mans • Les Livings, Lyon

Residences of La Griotte, Circus Trottola • La Cascade, National Circus Pole, Ardèche Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes • Regional Circus Column, Le Mans • Livelihoods, Lyon • Platform 2 Circus Poles in Nomandie, La Brèche in Cherbourg, Cirque-Théâtre d Elbeuf. / SACD and Support Academy Fratellini, Circus Process

Tour in Croatia and Slovenia supported by

Teatroskop Southeastern European Network for Performing Arts initiated by the French institute, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs, French Institute in Croatia


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